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How To Write A Computer Operator Experience Certificate

Computer Operator Experience Certificate

The Computer Operator Experience Certificate is one of the documents that will be demanded when applying for the role of a computer operator in a particular firm. There is this belief that a computer operator with lots of experience, would perform better when he/she gets a better job position.

The need to curtail mediocrity and nonchalant attitude at the workplace is why most employers would demand an experience certificate before granting employment. Considering the importance of this document, employees would do themselves good by getting a solid experience certificate.

In this article, we would discuss everything you need to know about Computer Operator Experience Certificate. We will also be providing samples in this article.

Who Is A Computer Operator?

A computer operator is an IT professional responsible for monitoring and overseeing the running of computer systems, especially mainframe computers, in a company. They control, respond to, enter commands, set controls on computer systems and peripheral devices.

Roles of A Computer Operator?

Due to the fact that the world has become more technologically inclined, a computer operator can thrive in almost any firm. The following are the roles of a computer operator:

●     Monitoring and responding to IT operations schedules.

●     Troubleshooting any system malfunctions and software issues.

●     Preparing any computer devices needed for day to day activities.

●     Ensuring the security of the computer network of a company.

●     Occasionally changing settings of the machine when needed.

●     Examining the computation needs of a client.

●     Installation of antivirus software to prevent virus attack on systems.

●     Responding to clients’ enquiries and questions about computer operations.

●     Performing data backup and other maintenance requirements.

●     Collaborate with other IT teams and computer programmers to install and test new software.

What Is An Experience Certificate For A Computer Operator?

A computer operator experience certificate is an official written document provided by a company to an employee on the completion of his/her work contract. This document certifies a computer operator aspiring for a new job role has the required minimum job experience. It is a way of showing an employee skills, abilities, capabilities and readiness for a more demanding job responsibility.

When you are planning to pursue a job opportunity as a computer operator, lots of documents are demanded from you, and one of them is an experience certificate. With this document, an employer can validate the claims you made in your cover letter and resume, in terms of skills and knowledge. It also shows the tenure of your past employment.

Who Can Issue An Experience Certificate For Computer Operators?

A computer operator experience certificate is issued by the human resource department or the manager of a company. Every employee is entitled to an experience certificate on completing his/her contract, however, he/she should be polite when requesting for it.

Why is a Computer Operator Experience Certificate Needed?

An experience certificate is important to both an employee and a recruiter. We will highlight the importance of the document for both an employee and a company.

For an employee:

●     Improve the chance of an individual getting recruited in a competitive firm as a computer operator.

●     Highlight the skills, abilities, and capabilities of a prospective employee

●     It will confirm an employee’s experience in computer operation.

For a company:

●     An experience certificate can help prevent wrong hire that can affect the brand negatively

●     Validates the claims highlighted on the employee’s resume

●     Confirm that the employee has completed his previous work contract and ready for a new role

●     It proves that a prospective employee has received the required training for the job role.

How To Write A Computer Operator Experience Certificate

Writing a computer operator experience certificate can be a very simple task, if you follow the right steps. Considering how important the document is, you must make sure the experience certificate is professional and unbiased. The content in an experience certificate can either make or mar the chances of a former employee moving forward professionally.

When To Write An Experience Certificate

As an employer or an HR manager you would be required to write an experience certificate for your former or current employees. There are different situations where you are required to provide an experience certificate to an employee. They include:

●     When an employee requests for an experience certificate.

●     A company can issue the document after an employee reaches a particular milestone in the company.

●     It can also be issued on the last day of employment.

Components Of A Computer Operator Experience Certificate

Like most important documents, there are certain elements you must find in a typical experience certificate to make it valid. Without these components, an experience certificate would have no meaning. These components include:

●     Employee’s name.

●     Salutations.

●     Issuance date.

●     Job role of the employee.

●     Responsibilities and roles of the employee.

●     Duration of the employment.

●     Authorized signature and company’s seal.

●     Additional remarks by the employer.

Factors You Should Consider Before Writing A Computer Operator Experience Certificate

Before writing a computer operator experience certificate, you should consider the following:

●     Use the official paper which contains the letterhead of the company when writing an experience certificate.

●     The experience certificate should be written by only authorized personnel ideally the HR manager.

●     The experience certificate should be issued to the right person. It should contain the personal details of the person being addressed.

●     The experience certificate must be signed and sealed with the company stamp.

●     The document should contain all the details of the person issuing the certificate, as well as that of the company.

●     You should start an experience certificate with the date of Issuance at the top right corner of the document.

●     The experience certificate should be devoid of grammatical errors, and must be as professional as possible.

Samples Of Computer Operator Experience Certificate Format

A computer operator experience certificate is similar to that from other professions. However, the content distinguishes that of a computer operator. Below is a sample of a computer operator experience certificate in a clear format.

Date of Issuance: 15th of June, 2020

To Whom It May Concern

It is being verified that ……….(Employee’s name) was working as a computer operator in …….. (Company’s name) from …….. to ……. (Duration of the contract). As a computer operator, ……. (Employee’s name) monitored and controlled computing operations, checked and reported any software or hardware malfunctions, ensured that all computer networks were functioning, and performed data backup and antivirus installation.

During his/her stay in our company, he/she was of her best professional behavior. He/she was punctual and carried out all tasks promptly and dutifully. He/She has a great understanding of computer operations and programming. He/She was a great asset to our establishment.

…………. (Employee’s name), is a fast learner and was willing to collaborate with other team members. We believe he/she will be a great addition to whichever company he/she decides to work with.

We wish him/her the best of luck.



Job Position


Company stamp


There are many opportunities available for you as a computer operator in today’s world. You should endeavor to always aim for the top, as you climb up the ladder of your career pursuit. Don’t be afraid to try new things, gain new skills, and get more experience. In the long run, this will help you to be a better computer operator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to write an experience certificate?

  • Writing an experience certificate for a computer operator is similar to that of every other profession. You start by writing the issuance date at the top right corner, followed by salutations. Ensure you describe the employee’s job role in the document and end the certificate with the company’s stamp.

What mistakes should you avoid when writing an experience certificate for a computer operator?

  • An experience certificate is an official document and so must be professional, formal and unbiased. Avoid writing it on plain paper. Avoid grammatical errors in the documents.

What is an experience certificate request letter?

  • A request letter is an official letter written by an employee to a former company requesting for an experience certificate. Although an experience certificate is a right of every employee that has paid his/her dues, the employee should be polite and professional when requesting for it. 

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