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How To Write An Experience Certificate Application Format

Experience Certificate Application Format

The key to developing an effective and impressive experience certificate application format is to always  try to what best to describe yourself because that the best way to sell yourself to whoever is reading the letter.  To develop an appropriate experience certificate application format, I would be listing following components must be present in it and  that it should be written in a respectful tone with essential details. yppur career path transformation is significantly influenced by your experience letter. 

  • Issued on Organization’s letterhead
  • Date of issue
  • Declaration “To Whom it May Concern”
  • Full Name of the Employee as per the official Record.
  • Period of Employment (Date of Joining and the last day of working in the organization)
  • Position held
  • The Employee’s Conduct
  • Include Signature
  • Organization’s Seal or Stamp

What is An Experience Certificate?

A work experience certificate is a formal written document that confirms an employee’s work experience in an organisation. It is given to the employee by their previous employer after the person’s employment has ended.
When one of their employees, or a former employee, is about to transition to another organisation, whether it’s in a comparable role or down a different career path.

What is a Experience Letter?

An experience letter is a letter that an employer/company gives to a departing employee leaving their company. In easy terms It is a letter that is given by an organization and includes information about your employment history, primary responsibilities, acquired skills and performance appraisal. The experience letter is necessary when you start a new work and it woud be added to your resume.

What Is The Difference Between Experience Letter And Experience Certificate?

The key difference between experience letter and experience certificate is that the experience letter comes in a letter format while the experience certificate comes in a certificate format, though both document does same function which is to confirm an employee’s/students work experience in an organization by an employer.

Experience Certificate Application Format

An experience certificate needs to be written in a formal way and be described the best way possible. I would be sharing a format of how to write an experience certificate.

Name of the Organisation

This is to certify that ___________________(Employee’s name) was employed at _____________( Organization’s name) as a _________( Role) from ________to_______(Starting to End Date). __________(Employee’s conduct while being employed by the line manager).
 _______(Name of Employee) has successfully finished his/her employment agreement with exemplary service, and we are really happy to have someone so blessed amongst us. He/She has our best wishes for success in his future efforts in his/her career.

Yours Sincerely,
Employer’s Name
Company’s Stamp


As employee the experience certificate is an important document that helps while building your portfolas a professonal, we have shared different tips and experience certificate format for the organization employer or HR department when i need to create one for an Ex employee.

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