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How to Write a Storekeeper Experience Certificate

Storekeeper Experience Certificate

In recent times, to land a job has increasingly required that you have a well-designed experience certificate. Apart from that, employers of labor may request an experience certificate at any point in time either in your current organization or a prospective one. Understanding what an experience letter entails, its content and how we write one is therefore important if you need one. In this article, I have outlined, in detail, how to write an experience certificate alongside a sample template that would serve as a guide when preparing yours.

What is a Storekeeper Experience Certificate

A storekeeper experience certificate is a letter-headed document or letter that contains details of the experience of a storekeeper, skill set, job roles, achievements, and salary scale. This is usually a verifier or a storekeeper’s testament provided by an employer. An experience certificate is prepared to validate the profile of an employee or a job seeker in an organization. A storekeeper experience certificate forms an important part of your portfolio.

For every job seeker or those who are looking at changing jobs, and experience certificate is needed as it serves as your defender during the early stages of the recruitment process. A well-prepared experience certificate will help you scale through the hurdles of the human resource protocols.

Why Is Storekeeper Experience Certificate Needed

Quite a lot of storekeeper job seekers still ask the question ” why is an experience certificate needed?”. Well, the importance of a Storekeeper Experience Certificate can not be overemphasized.

  • To land a decent storekeeper job offer, most times, you will need a well-polished experience certificate.
  • You need this certificate because it increases your chances of landing that storekeeper job. Apart from that, there are improved opportunities on your table.
  • You get to land the juiciest offers with an experience certificate.
  • your storekeeper experience certificate serves as your defendant.
  • It certifies and validates your skill set to a potential employer.

How To Write a Storekeeper Experience Certificate

For all potential job seekers or those who wish you change jobs, writing a Storekeeper Experience Certificate has been made easier with the following steps that I have highlighted below:

Get the Sender’s Letterhead

In the introductory phase of this article, we have established that a storekeeper experience certificate is a formal letter hence, it must be addressed and written on the sender’s company letterhead. All you need to do is write the experience certificate using any of the available word processing software and correctly set your letterhead into the printer to print the processed experience letter on the letterhead. Although not so important, in case you are unable to get the sender’s company letterhead, you have to get the company stamp. Print the processed word document of the experience certificate and get the sender to stamp it with the company’s stamp.

Start Your Writing with Greetings or Salutations

Because experience certificates are formal letters, you have to open the writing with a formal salutation or greeting like “Dear (Mr/Mrs “Name of the addressee”). The addressee is most times, the one to read the certificate. In a case where you have no idea what the addressee’s name is, you use a professional greeting like “To Whomsoever It May Concern”

Write Employee’s Full Name

Next is to write your full name on the letter. This must match your official legal name and the name on your company’s appointment letter. Including your full name, written, is important to help identify an employee’s portfolio and also reduce the possibility of mixing up your experience letter. You should also note that abbreviations of any sort are not advisable when writing an experience letter. Your name must be written in full. This also includes your middle name.

Write Employee’s Designation

What comes next is to include the receiver’s designation. If they were promoted during their time at the organization or company, this must be duly spelled out in the experience certificate

Write the Company’s Name

After the inclusion of the employee’s designation, you must also clearly write out the employer’s company name.

Write the Date of The First Appointment and Termination Date of The Appointment

You must spell out the first date of engagement of the employee in the company. Also, the day of termination of appointment or resignation date should be included. For instance ” Mr. ________ worked with our company from. ___________to ___________.

Write the Sender’s Closing Remark

The sender or Issuer must add a closing remark that will serve as a Goodluck wish to the employee. Please note that the reason for termination of appointment or resignation is never included in an experience certificate

Append Your Signature and Include the Issuance Date

Finally, you have to append your signature at the end of the experience certificate. This signature must carry your designation and full name alongside the date of issuance with the company’s stamp( this is not mandatory).

Roles of a Storekeeper

Understanding your role as a Storekeeper will increase your productivity and your level of efficiency. Not a lot understand the role of a storekeeper and as such, I have highlighted the notable ones here:

  • Preserving the organization
  • Keeping the store clean.
  • Taking possession of all products and materials and checking them against purchase orders.
  • Keep track of, record, and correct any errors with orders you’ve received.
  • Directing and educating retail employees.
  • Preparing marketing efforts to promote new offerings or deals.
  • Update records of physical inventory totals, receipts, adjustments, and returns to ensure the facility’s inventory system is accurate.
  • Maintaining track of purchases
  • Restocking.
  • Control resources and inventories to keep them within the predetermined levels

Samples of Storekeeper Experience Certificate Format

To whom it may concern

We’re happy to attest that ____________(Employee’s name) worked for _________ (company name) for five years, from ________ to _________( Duration) in the store keeping department.

His duties included

  • The Directing and educating retail employees
  • Preparing marketing efforts to promote new offerings or deals
  • Update records of physical inventory totals
  • issuance of Receipts
  • Returns to ensure the facility’s inventory system is accurate.

he/She has acted honourably while serving and has being a passionate team member who is a dedicated, industrious, and self-motivated indivdual. He/She possesses in-depth understanding of the field and has demonstrated his ability to perform under pressure in a dynamic setting with a high rate of change.

I have no doubt that he will come good and become an important part of subsequent success of your organization and every team he finds himself. We wish him the best of luck for his future appointments.

Sender’s name




An experience certificate is an important component of a job search. It is a document that vets and sells you to potential employers. You should also understand that an experience letter is your right and your organization or company is under obligation to give you one upon request. The only exception is if this has been clearly stated in your appointment letter otherwise, you are entitled to an experience certificate.

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