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Church Elder Resignation Letter

Church Elder Resignation Letter


Do you know the right format and writing style for a church elder resignation letter might go a long way in helping an elder leave on good terms with other churchgoers and leaders while still acting professionally.

In this article, we define church elder resignation letters, outline the components they must contain, lead you through the writing process, and offer a sample and template to assist you in creating your own.

What Is A Church Elder Resignation Letter?

A formal letter of resignation from a church elder position serves as an announcement of your intention to leave your current position with a religious organization. The letter, which is usually addressed to a pastor or other church official, aims to let the congregation know that you are leaving. It’s also utilized to keep good ties with other churchgoers, employees, and leaders, and it can help you make a good first impression before you leave.

What To Include In A Church Elder Resignation Letter

Understanding each of the following elements is the first step in writing a professional church elder resignation letter:

  • Resignation Statement and End Date

Describe your role in the church at the beginning of your letter. If you work in a small church and your pastor knows you well, this could seem unnecessary, but since the letter is your official termination, it’s important to include it. A brief statement of your resignation should be included with this material.

Additionally, since one of your pastor’s first questions is about an end date, including one in the first paragraph is beneficial.

Here is how this first sentence might read:

I would like to let you know that, as of [Date], I will no longer be serving in the [Position 

Name] for the [Church Name].

  • Gratitude

Think about how you’ve changed or what you’ve loved best about being a part of the church. Be as detailed as you can. Perhaps the church offered chances for professional growth. Perhaps you appreciated the welcoming setting and surroundings that the church promoted.

Additionally, it’s excellent to express gratitude to your pastor for the time and assistance they provided in fostering your professional development. Here’s an illustration of what this might resemble:

I am grateful for the chances you have given me to advance professionally during the last two years. I am proud to have been a member of such a supportive team and have enjoyed my time at [Church Name].

You can mention your destination if you’d like. For instance, it might be good to mention that you’re enrolling in graduate school. I’m eager to [pursue my passion in [X] or continue working with a concentration on [Y], for instance.

  • Transition Information

Mention your readiness to ease the transition in the third paragraph. For instance:

Kindly bring to my notice if there is any way I may assist during this change. Before my last day of work, I will make sure that all of my reports are updated and assist in training my replacement.

You might see something different in this sentence. However, it’s best practice to offer detailed information about how you’ll aid, regardless of what you write.

Write a brief review of the work you will be giving up when you formally leave the church as a possible follow-up paragraph. Although it is officially your pastor’s job to pick up this work and decide how it will go, it can be beneficial to make a list of all the duties and projects you have been in charge of.

  • Personal Contact Information

In particular, if you don’t want or need to utilize your former church as a reference, you don’t always need to add this last paragraph. Many candidates opt to keep their professional networks active, though. a possible conclusion would be:

Once more, I’m grateful for the chance to work at [Church Name]. I’m sending you my warmest wishes and looking forward to keeping in touch. My email address is [Email Address].

What Not To Include In A Church Elder Resignation Letter

  • Upcoming career moves

You don’t have to go into great detail about your new position or compensation with your pastor, but you can say where you’re headed next. Keep things polite. You can highlight how your current position aided your professional progress. Your letter to your pastor should be direct and reflective.

  • Embarrassing Language

It should go without saying that a resignation letter is not the place for crude language or vulgarity. Until your term is up, you must conduct yourself with courtesy and professionalism. The resignation letter is not the place to voice your grievances, despite the temptation you may 

have to do so.

  • Feelings Of Attachment

It’s beneficial to leave out sentimental language in the letter if you’re leaving a welcoming work environment. Be as expert as you can be. Face-to-face interactions with others will allow you to express your feelings.

  • Coworker Criticism

You are not required to include any unfavorable things in your resignation letter regarding the church and coworkers. The letter is supposed to end your tenure not to pass the buck on unfinished business.

  • Projecting Hostility

The time is not right to express your anger at your current job. You must consider your accomplishments and how you learned valuable lessons about the church and yourself. You don’t have to part ways with your employer on bad terms.

Template For A Church Elder Resignation Letter

Consider using the following template as a guide when writing a church secretary resignation letter:

[Church Secretary’s name]

[Your position]

[Church Name]



[Pastor’s name]


[Church Name]

Dear [Pastor’s name]

My resignation is effective as of this letter. In two weeks, on [Date of Resignation], I will no longer be working.

Deciding to leave [Church Name] was challenging. I wanted to let you know that even though I was recruited for this job, it took a lot of prodding to pique my interest. When I eventually looked at this possibility, it presented such a tremendous chance for professional advancement and challenge that, in my opinion, I could not pass it up.

[Name of Recipient], I want to thank you for all of your mentoring and advice throughout the years. You have significantly aided in my professional and spiritual growth. I had a great time working with you, and I wish you the best of luck in both your professional and personal endeavors.

This transition will be as easy as I can make it. I’ll try to finish off any outstanding issues before I go. Of course, I’m here to help whenever you need it. I’ll offer you my phone number so you may call me if you have any needs or issues. I enjoyed my time here and will always be complimentary of this church as a place to work.

Peace be with you,

[Full name]


Sample Of A Church Elder Resignation Letter

[Church Secretary’s name]

[Your position]

[Church Name]



[Pastor’s name]


[Church Name]

Dear [Pastor’s name]

I’m writing to let you know that, effective at (date), I’ll be leaving my position as (Position/title). Although I can promise you that this was not an easy choice, I must now go to the following phases of God’s plan for my life.

I am aware that when I mention that this lovely bunch of people has profoundly enriched our life, I am speaking on behalf of our entire family. I trust that by our teaching, preaching, visitation, and other activities we have, in some small way, enrich your life. Even though we are physically leaving this location, a part of our hearts will always be with you.

Always in Christ,

[Full name]



No matter what position you are in when sending a letter of resignation as a church elder, be courteous, clearly explain your reasons for leaving, and identify the people you are telling. Even if you’re leaving for bad reasons, employers appreciate gratitude and support throughout your departure, so the last thing you want to do is leave the church on a bad note.

By getting ideas from these resignation letter samples and templates, you’ll safeguard your professional relationships and maintain your network as you go on your next adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Time Do You Give For Resignation?

  • Anything less than two weeks’ notice is simply bad manners when leaving a company. Additionally, even though two weeks are normal, you can think about “offering to work even longer if you haven’t yet committed to a start date at another firm.

What Distinguishes Resignation From Quitting?

  • What Separates Resignation from Quitting? Resigning and quitting are identical in most respects. A more official and professional approach to express “I quit” is to resign. Because a corporation might be consulted in the future, it’s crucial to part ways amicably.

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