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How to Write a Teacher Experience Certificate

teacher experience certificate

Kickstarting career as a teacher begins with gunning for the big-paying jobs and while building your resume the teacher experience certificate is a must have. Although it is a general thought that teachers don’t get paid well, that has become a fallacy in recent times. A qualified teacher is like a gold mine in a standard educational environment and as such, they are treated in high regard.

I might have activated an adrenaline rush with your above statement but hey! Don’t get ahead of yourself as a high-paying teacher is not just a random one. Do you know how to write one? Follow me as I show you the steps in writing a teacher experience certificate that will bag you that high-paying job.

What is an Experience Certificate for Teachers

A teacher experience certificate is a letter-headed official document that confirms a teacher’s skill set, accomplishments, engagements, functions, and obligations. A teacher experience certificate also is a testament to the teacher’s acclaimed qualifications, job duties, roles, and salary scale at an organization.

A typical use of an experience certificate is to validate an employee’s or job applicant’s status within a business. A teacher experience certificate is crucial to your entire job hunt since it serves as the foundation for your chances of getting that high-paying job.

A teacher who wants a big pay needs an experience certificate since they make up a large percentage of whether you will be considered for the role or not. If you want to land that big teaching job with high pay, follow me as I reveal my best tips for writing a professional Experience Certificate for Teachers.
Why Is Experience Certificate for Teachers Needed

Most teachers don’t know that they need to have an experience certificate. Because teaching jobs seem to be the most common job around, people treat it with levity including professionals. What most don’t know is that a teaching job is as lucrative as a medical doctor job, it only depends on the environment.

In recent times, developmental changes have hit the educational ecosystem leading to skyrocketed exposure along the way. This has consequently increased the need for an experience certificate and hence, landing a new job requires one. You might be faced with the question “Why do I need an experience certificate as a teacher ?”. Let me answer that for you in the next paragraph.

An experience certificate is needed if you want to land a juicy employment offer as a Teacher. This credential is necessary as it will increase your chances of being employed as a teacher. An experience certificate also gets you the opportunity to debate your salary scale as it shows that you have all requirements for the potential job offer. It also serves as proof of your statements about your company’s positions, tasks, and results.

How To Write an Experience Certificate for Teachers

In a job hunt, a lot of people simply compose their experience letters without adhering to a set format. As a teacher, your experience certificate is your guarantor and supporter of your ambition of securing the next position, thus you must closely adhere to the guidelines. The following are the fundamental guidelines for a teacher experience certificate:

  • Keep an eye out for the sender’s or company’s letterhead.
  • The date of issuance must be stated at the top of the letter
  • Recipients must be properly addressed.
  • The employee’s name should be written and feasible.
  • State the employee’s designation
  • The date of the first and last day of the appointment must be highlighted.
  • Highlight major employee’s responsibilities.
  • Highlight employee’s major accomplishments.
  • Wish the employee well towards the end of the letter
  • The letter must be completed with the company’s signature and stamp.

You know the rules and guidelines of a standard teacher experience certificate, right? Now, it’s time we highlighted the steps involved in writing one:

  • Write the date of issue.
  • Write and address the recipient ( to whom it may concern)
  • Attest to the employee’s claim of working in your firm.
  • Highlight the employee’s job roles, and responsibilities during the period of appointment.
  • Wish the employee well
  • The sender’s name is listed last, followed by the company’s stamp and signature.
  • Finally, you print on corporate letterhead.

Roles of a Teacher

There is more to being a teacher than meets the eye. Teachers act as assessors, prompters, controllers, organizers, and walking resources in an educational environment. An assessor because they check students’ grades and adjust the bad ones accordingly, a prompter because they encourage students to participate in gainful engagements, a controller because they oversee the well-being of their wards, and an organizer because the success of most activities in schools and colleges largely depend on the teacher. Now that you understand that a teacher is more than just teaching a subject, below are the basic roles of a teacher:

  • They share knowledge
  • They act as an external parent
  • They play the role of actual role models
  • Development of lesson notes
  • Giving personal support to students
  • Encouraging active participation of students in gainful engagements
  • Scoring of students and grading of their performances
  • They handle other administrative tasks

Samples of A Teacher Experience Certificate

If you Google “Samples of a teacher experience certificate “, I can assure you there are over 5 million samples and formats most of which were written by amateurs. Here I have come up with the best sample that will secure your place in the next teaching job process. Check the sample of an approved teacher experience certificate below:

Date of Issuance: January 23, 2022

To Whom It May Concern

This is to confirm that __________(employee’s name) was an employee of this _______________(school name) between __________to__________(start and end date ). During his/her time here, he/she held the role of Senior Mathematics Teacher for the SSS 3 class of the school.

During his/her time here, he was of good conduct and had an exceptional attitude towards work.

We wish him success in his future career


Your name

Job designation




Teachers are builders of the nation but the obvious simplicity in making a teacher is why people take the job so trivial in time past. Recent development has changed people’s perception of the job and hence, increasing the competition in landing a juicy offer and getting a teacher Experience Certificate would go a long way in being offered that best position.

To be different, all you need is that well documented and rich experience certificate that will differentiate you from the crowd. Also, know your onions and follow all my guidelines on writing an experience certificate. Deviating from the rules and guidelines might see a change in the dynamic so always look out for our major rules when writing your own.

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