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How To Write A Mechanical Engineer Experience Certificate

Mechanical Engineer Experience Certificate

An experience certificate for mechanical engineer is an official document that provides detailed working experience of mechanical engineers during their stay in a firm. Without this document, some mechanical engineers might not be able to proceed with their career development. 

Having completed your contract with a particular firm, it’s your right as a mechanic engineer to request for an experience certificate. In fact, some employees request for this document before terminating their contract. 

How can I get an experience certificate for mechanical engineer? Who issues an experience certificate for mechanical engineer? How can I write an experience certificate for an employee? We will be addressing these questions and more in this article. 

What Is Mechanical Engineer Experience Certificate

A mechanical engineer experience certificate is a document that validates a mechanical engineer’s professional background. In today’s modern world, where changing firms is inevitable, the need for an experience certificate cannot be overemphasized. 

An experience certificate will help a company ascertain, if an employee left his/her former place of work on good terms. Also it helps checkmate if an employee is fit to carry out certain responsibilities in the new company. 

Who Can Issue Experience Certificate For Mechanical Engineers

Generally, the experience certificate for mechanical engineers is provided by either the HR or manager of the employee. Sadly, this document is one of the most forged official documents used by professionals. To checkmate this, some employers hire a third party agency to verify the authenticity of the document. 

The experience certificate contains the number of years the employee has worked in the establishment, as well as their responsibilities. 

Why Is Mechanical Engineer Experience Certificate Needed

A mechanical engineer experience certificate is one of the most important documents demanded by recruiters from prospective employees. The following are some of the reasons you might need an experience certificate as a mechanical engineer: 

  • An experience certificate shows that you, as a mechanical engineer, have received the required experience and knowledge required for the job role. 
  • It proves that the employee has completed his job tenure and is available for a new role.
  • It also shows that an employee has been relieved from his previous place of work and holds a good professional value. 
  • Hiring managers request for an experience certificate to ensure they do not employ someone with a bad work reputation. 
  • A good experience certificate might be the ingredients that will take you to your next height professionally. 

How To Write A Mechanical Engineer Experience Certificate

Writing a mechanical engineer experience certificate is more or less similar with the experience certificate of other professionals. Although the contents might be unique and carry an engineer background, the format will still be the same. 

When writing an experience certificate for your employee, you should choose your words carefully. The content of your experience certificate can jeopardize their chances of going further in their career. Try as much as possible to be unbiased and professional in your approach. 

Components Of A Mechanical Engineer Experience Certificate

A typical experience certificate should contain the following details: 

  • Name of the employee
  • Address of the employee
  • Name of the former company
  • Roles designated in the previous company
  • Salary details
  • Duration of the employment
  • Signature and details of the addressee
  • Contact details of the addressee

Factors You Should Consider Before Writing An Experience Certificate

So far we have been able to explain what an experience certificate is all about. We have even been able to discuss the importance. However, before issuing an experience certificate, you should consider the following factors:

  • Ensure you write the experience certificate in a official document that holds the letterhead of the company
  • The experience certificate should be issued only by authorized personnel, ideally the HR manager.
  • The document must be signed and stamped. 
  • Start the experience certificate with the date (ideally the last date of employment) on the top right corner of the document. 
  • The experience certificate should be issued to the right person only. It must contain the name, identification number, and contact details of the employee. 
  • If the certificate has not been exclusively requested by an hiring manager, it should be addressed to an anonymous individual. For example, ‘To Whom It May Concern’. 
  • Ensure the document is properly edited and proofread before issuing it. 

Role Of A Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineering is a very broad field; therefore they are opportuned to work in different industries. Some of the roles of a mechanical engineer include: 

  • They plan, design, build, and inspect mechanical devices and systems. 
  • They develop testing processes and validation of new designs.
  • They create and review technical drawings and plans using computer software.
  • They perform engineering calculations to support design work.
  • They generate prototypes for beta testing and customer demonstration. 
  • They oversee manufacturing processes.
  • They analyze problems to see how it can be solved with mechanical devices. 

Samples of Mechanical Engineer Experience Certificate

An ideal experience certificate has the same format, regardless of the profession. However, the content of the documents might differ to an extent. If you are confused on how to write a good experience certificate for a mechanical engineer, you should look out the samples below 

Sample 1

Date of Issuance: June 15, 2022

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that (Employee’s name) has worked in (Company’s name) as a mechanical engineer under the Quality Control Department, for the duration of ………. to ………(from start to finish date). 

His/her obligation involves: 

  • Overseeing manufacturing processes
  • Developing testing processes
  • Generating prototypes
  • Planning, designing, and inspecting mechanical devices
  • Analyzing mechanical problems

………..(Employee’s name) was the best person for the position, and he/she was dedicated and committed to the growth of the company. He/she was very consistent in sharing his knowledge with the team, which contributed to the development of our company. 

He/She has exceeded our expectations, and we wish him all the best in the future. 





Company Stamp.

Sample 2

Date of Issuance

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr/Mrs/Miss ……………..(Employee’s name) was employed in our organization, …………..(Company name) as a mechanical engineer from 17/06/2018 till present. He/She has requested this letter. During his/her stay in our establishment, we found that Mr/Mrs/Miss………….(Employee’s name) was professional and knowledgeable. He/She was result-oriented and had a fine understanding of work requirements. He/She performed his/her duties cheerfully. We are rest assured that he/she will be a great asset to any company he works for. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding his/her employment. On behalf of the company, we wish Mr/Mrs/Miss……..(Employee’s name) success henceforth.





Company stamp. 


While every mechanical engineer would want a solid experience certificate, they need to ensure they carry out their role faithfully while still in the company. No employer would want to give a commendable experience certificate to a former employee that failed the company. 

A document as important as that would require employees to sit up and carry out their duties effectively. Doing that will get you the solid experience certificate you desire. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do mechanical engineers need?

  • To be a mechanical engineer, you need to acquire a bachelor’s degree program in mechanical engineering or mechanical technologies. 

What skills should mechanical engineers write in their resume?

  • As a mechanical engineer, you should have a section for soft and hard skills in your resume. The expected hard skills include technical report writing, research skills, data assimilation, and others. On the other hand, the soft skills include interpersonal skills, creativity, critical thinking, team player, etc.  

What software do mechanical engineers use?

  • A lot of mechanical engineers use important tools like Python, CAD software, Microsoft Excel, Mathcad, MATLAB, and more. 

Can a company deny employee experience certificates? 

  • No. Once an employee has paid his dues and completed his contract, he or she is entitled to an experience certificate from his or her company. However, in certain situations like theft, fraud, misconduct, etc. companies can deny the certificate. 

How can I verify an experience certificate? 

  • You can verify the authenticity of an experience certificate by checking the letterhead, company’s seal, employee’s identification number, etc., In the document. You can also send a copy of the experience certificate to the former company for confirmation. 

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