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How to Write a Hotel Experience Certificate

Hotel Experience Certificate


The ability to provide a polished Hotel Experience Certificate and contribute significantly to getting employed are now key requirements for employment in a 5-star hotel in the twenty-first century. Additionally, whether they work for your current company or a different one in the future, employers of labor in the hotel industry have the right to request an experience certificate at any time. You must therefore understand what an experience letter is, what it contains, and how to make one if you need one. I’ve listed all the main steps and requirements for a hotel experience certificate.

What is a Hotel?

According to the definition of a hotel, it is “a place where genuine travelers may receive food or lodging, provided they are in a position to pay for it and are in a fit condition to be received.” So, a hotel must give a visitor food (and drink) and lodging in exchange for payment, but the hotel has the right to refuse if the passenger is untidy (either intoxicated, unruly, or ungroomed) or unable to pay for the services.

Roles in a Hotel

An Hotel has different roles and duties which will be discussed in details below;

General Manager: A general manager is in charge of numerous duties.

  • A general manager creates a yearly budget that will be submitted to the hotel’s owner, corporate headquarters, or perhaps a district manager.
  • You are in charge of all employee terminations and new recruits.
  • As the general manager of the hotel, it will be your duty to choose the optimum cost for every particular day, night, weekend, or special event. Hotel room rates fluctuate frequently.
  • Additionally, you will be able to choose additional services or amenities to enhance the hotel’s appeal to visitors and set standards for hotel services.

Front Desk Supervisor and Staff

  • The front desk staff will collect phone reservations, change reservations, check guests in, check guests out, and maintain a clean and presentable front desk area and lobby.
  • During busy times or when staff is shorthanded, you can be asked to assist in other hotel departments, such as housekeeping. You will be in charge of handling sizable sums of money, granting visitor refunds, and resolving any complaints or hotel difficulties.
  • In addition to working at the front desk, the front desk supervisor may be in charge of setting the work schedule for the other front desk employees.

Housekeeping Staff and Laundry

  • All rooms must be kept so spotlessly by housekeepers that a visitor would not be able to tell that a guest had just checked out of the room earlier that morning.
  • Additionally, you’ll remove all the bedding from each bed and make each one in accordance with hotel standards.
  • Before a visitor arrives, the guest rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
  • Smaller hotels can want you to do the laundry, including washing, drying, and folding all of the linens, such as sheets, pillowcases, comforters, and blankets. You would have to clean any stains from any linens as part of your laundry duties, if at all possible.

Breakfast Host, Hostess and Cooks: Many hotels include a free breakfast buffet.

  • You will be expected to clean up any messes, brew coffee, wash dishes, take down the breakfast bar, and wash the breakfast dishes as the host or hostess. If the hotel has a hot bar, you or another individual will be in charge of preparing foods like eggs and waffles and ensuring a consistent supply of them for the breakfast bar.
  • Before the shift for the day is finished, the cook will assist with cleaning the workspace and dismantling the bar.

Maintenance: Almost everything in the hotel will be checked for proper operation by a hotel maintenance staff member.

  • A typical day might involve duties like painting, trash removal, and light bulb replacement.
  • Other chores, such as repairing or replacing toilets, plumbing, room appliances, and vacuums, will be delegated as necessary.
  • You must make sure that the water pumps and chemical pumps are functioning properly if your hotel has an indoor pool.
  • You must also be knowledgeable about plumbing, electrical wiring, and heating and air conditioning systems, as well as how to troubleshoot, repair, or replace these components.

What is a Hotel Experience Certificate?

A professional letter or document known as a “hotel experience certificate” verifies details including a hotel’s staff abilities, tasks, and obligations. An experience certificate for a hotel also attests to your skill set, job duties, successes, and pay grade in a hotel. An experience certificate for a hotel is used to validate an employee’s or job applicant’s status. A certificate of hotel experience is crucial to your overall job search because it serves as the foundation for your selling proposition.

A Hotel Experience Certificate is essential for anyone looking for work or thinking about changing careers because it serves as your protection throughout the first stages of the recruiting process. You are somewhat assured of a position at the hotel if you have a well-polished experience certificate.

Follow me as I reveal my best tips for writing a flawless experience certificate for a hotel.

Who Can Issue An Experience Certificate in a Hotel?

The manager of a hotel or the human resources department will issue an Experience Certificate. Every employee is entitled to an experience certificate after their contract is up, but they should always ask politely.

Why is a Hotel Experience Certificate Needed?

You may be wondering why, as hotel employees, you require a certificate of experience. You might not understand the significance of an experience certificate. Follow along as I demonstrate why you require an experience certificate.

For the most part, obtaining a respectable job offer as a general manager, breakfast host, hostess, or cook requires a well-polished Hotel Experience Certificate. You need this qualification since it will increase your chances of getting a job working in a hotel. A certificate of experience also offers you access to the finest discounts. It serves as evidence for your claims of duties, accomplishments, and roles at the hotel.

In addition, the job market has been more competitive recently, and as a result, you need a differentiator to give you the edge in getting the best hotel job offer. In light of this, a certificate of experience may act as a differentiator and raise your chances of employment.

How To Write A Hotel Experience Certificate

In a job hunt, simply presenting your experience letter to a potential employer is not always sufficient. Many people simply type out their experience letter without strictly adhering to a certain format. 

As a hotel employee, you must meticulously abide by the rules because your experience certificate is your trustee and could make or break your desire of getting the following job. The fundamental guidelines for a polished hotel experience certificate are listed below:

  • Take note of the recipient or company letterhead.
  • The letter’s issue date must be plainly stated at the top, and the recipient must be properly identified.
  • The employee’s name needs to be written clearly and proudly.
  • It is necessary to specify the employee’s work title or designation.
  • Included must be the first appointment date and the resignation date.
  • The responsibilities that the employee assumed during the engagement time are crucial.
  • Achievements need to be mentioned.
  • Best wishes for the employee must be included in the letter.
  • A company signature and stamp must be used to seal the letter.

Tips on writing a Hotel Experience Certificate

Following are the procedures required in writing a hotel experience certificate now that you are aware of the regulations controlling its preparation:

  • Begin with the date of issuance.
  • Identify the recipient ( to whom it may concern)
  • Attest that the person has experience working for your company or group.
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities they took on during the engagement period.
  • wishing them luck on their future endeavor
  • The sender’s name and the company’s stamp and signature are placed last.
  • Finally, print on the company’s letterhead.

When To Write An Experience Certificate

As an employer or HR manager, you would be required to prepare an experience certificate for your former or present employees. In a number of situations, you may be required to provide an employee with an experience certificate. They include:

  • When a certificate of experience is requested by the organization.
  • The company may issue the paper when a particular employee milestone is reached with the company.
  • It might also be distributed on your last day of work.

Samples Of An Hotel Experience Certificate Format

There are plenty of sample resources for hotel experience certificates online, however many of them are not well written and so do not meet the standard for a professional hotel experience certificate. The work role of the employee, the joining and departing dates, and well wishes for the employee’s future endeavors should all be included on the experience certificate for the hotel business. I’ve provided a sample of a hotel experience certificate in the format that was only just approved.

Date of Issuance: 20th of May, 2022

To Whom It May Concern

This is to confirm that from [Date] to [Date], Mr. or Ms. ………. [Employee Name] worked for us as a General manager. He or she has good communication skills and a thorough awareness of best practices in hotel administration.

His or her principal duties are:

Assigns duties to hotel employees including receptionists, cooks, and office personnel.

Resolves customer grievances and service problems.

Plan and carry out each hotel operation every day.

Assure the comfort and safety of hotel visitors.

Compliance with health and safety laws.

Examine the Monthly Income Statement, Workforce Report, and Daily Income Report.

Participate in all hotel transactions to reduce costs.

We at ………. [name of hotel] wish him/her the best of luck in all of his/her future endeavors.



Job Position


Company stamp.

  • Example 2

Date of Issuance: 23rd of January, 2022

To Whom It May Concern

This is to confirm that Mr. or Ms. ………. [Employee Name] worked for us as a front desk associate. He/she served alongside us, and we found him/her to be sincere, diligent, and a superb communicator.

His or her primary duties include:

Complete all check-in and check-out procedures.

Control bookings made over the phone and online.

Control over hotel PMS (Property Management System).

Maintain accurate records of reservations and payments.

Control over guest assistance.

We wish him or her well in all future endeavors.



Job Position


Company stamp.


An experience certificate is a crucial component of the job search process. It acts as a record that potential employers can use to learn more about you and decide whether to hire you.

It’s also critical to realize that there are few exceptions to both your right to request an experience certificate and the hotel industry’s need to provide one upon request, unless otherwise specified in your appointment letter. If it is determined that you took advantage of business resources without going through the proper channels, your application for an experience certificate may be rejected. You might be denied an experience certificate for these reasons, even if it’s against the law.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if my employer doesn’t give me an experience certificate?

  • The provision of an experience certificate by an employer is not mandated by law. The greatest thing you can do is get your attorney to prepare a thorough account of what you accomplished for that employer. It should also state that no experience certificate will be issued because you left that work before one year had passed. Obtaining confirmation from the people or human resources department that you worked there for a specified amount of time would be the cherry on top.

Can I get an experience certificate after termination?

  • Regardless of whether they resigned or were fired, every person who has worked for an organization for more than six months has a right to get an experience certificate from their employer.

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