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23 Jealous Female Coworkers Sign

Jealous Female Coworkers Sign


Women are competitive at work and do possess jealous female coworkers signs, but occasionally this trait can turn them envious. You should become aware of the many jealous female coworkers signs to prevent this. At first glance, you could believe that they are enthusiastic about their profession and strive to be the greatest, but this is not the reality. If a woman offers to take on more responsibilities, it may be because she is envious of you and would like to steal your shine. She may ultimately come up with a scheme to get you fired from your position.

You shouldn’t make the mistake of falling victim to the tactics of a jealous coworker. An envious individual would undoubtedly plot your destruction because they cannot stand to watch you succeed. As a result, you must always stay vigilant because no one else can protect your interests.

Jealous Female Coworkers Sign

There are numerous indications of a jealous female coworker, albeit the severity can differ.

For instance, envy may lead to productive workplace competition or lead the jealous person to consider injuring or killing you. The following are warning signals of a jealous female coworker that you shouldn’t ignore:

  • Displaying Unfavorable Body Language Near You

It will be challenging for a jealous female coworker to resist the urge to be unpleasant toward you. She will use her body language to make overt emotional expressions. She might do stuff like roll her eyes, stare at you, not smile, or even ignore your pleasantries, for instance.

The treatment may have made you feel ashamed, therefore you should investigate the cause. Try to be cordial with her and ask her why she’s treating you badly. Although diplomacy may not succeed, reassure her that you have no ulterior motives for her.

  • Avoiding You and the Places You Visit

Some jealous or furious female coworkers will go to great lengths to avoid speaking to you at all. If it means interacting directly with you, these female employees would even cause themselves inconvenience by avoiding public spaces like the lunchroom. They decide to maintain their separation.

  • Avoiding Making Eye Contact Whenever Possible

Direct eye contact with another person is challenging for someone who doesn’t appreciate them. This might happen at work when someone completely ignores you in a room or won’t even say, “Good morning.”

Avoiding making eye contact is a psychological behavior that has strong emotional ties to jealousy, resentment, and wrath. These kinds of circumstances will make your life challenging and uncomfortable for the unhappy individual who brought them about.

  • Openly Criticizing You 

Someone will advise you privately if they want to see you do better. If they do it bluntly, it’s because they want to make you look bad. These complaints might concern your personal decisions in addition to those at work. She will criticize your choice of clothing or even your sexual orientation.

You must always distinguish between valid criticism and small-minded insults and take the appropriate action. It might be regarded as harassment in this situation, and you can let your boss know about it.

  • Taking Pride In Your Errors

Your tragedy will be welcomed by a jealous female coworker. When you make a mistake, they will cheer you up right away. They will become animated at your trying times because they just want you to lose.

They then embarked on a mission to prove to you that you lack the greatness of your accomplishment. To disprove them, learn from your errors and do it correctly the next time. Always strive to better yourself.

  • Giving Only Negative Compliments

When female jealousy in the place of work forces someone to only give fake, backhanded compliments, passive-aggression goes into overdrive. In some cases, they could downplay your accomplishments by highlighting your past failures. Other times, they can assert that you were “sucked up” by management or received an unfair benefit for you to succeed.

They may need to be told that their acts are uncomfortable and that they should cease. After confronting them, be prepared for a less-than-amicable answer.

  • They’ll Never Ask You To Join Them.

When they exempt you from breakfast chats or informal gatherings in the morning, this is a common example of jealous female coworkers signs. These tendencies persist throughout the day, as you observe a jealous and insecure coworker attempting to restrict your interactions with other coworkers or fabricating an explanation for your absence after first failing to invite you.

This conduct might continue after your workday is over. A female coworker who is jealous might decide to keep you in the dark about your coworkers’ happy hours and other social and online gatherings. At these events, they look for chances to reject your invitation.

  • Mocking Any Honors Or Achievements You Earn

Among the most typical behaviors of jealous female coworkers is this. They frequently wind up making fun of or trivializing any honors, prizes, or public recognition you may have received. They’ll be ready to compliment you mildly, but they’ll do so with irony or passive-aggressive remarks. Avoid making fun of the person back because doing so will only damage your reputation.

  • Refusing To Invest Time In Helping You

Everyone occasionally needs assistance from coworkers. This cooperative effort, though, could occasionally fall short if one of your employees is too busy to help you. She will always claim to be busy whenever you ask her for help even though you realize she is not.

When it is your turn to help her, you will go above and above, but she will not return the favor. You have two options: either you take a moral stance and continue doing nice deeds without expecting anything in return, or you give her a taste of her own medicine by not assisting her as well.

  • Making A Snide Remark About How Unfairly You Have The Better Job

These envious female employees constantly compare themselves to you to outdo you. They’ll try to outperform you in all you do if you’re in similar situations so they can show you have an undue advantage. They will claim that you received exceptional, possibly unfair, preferential treatment if they have different allocated job obligations than you.

  • Resentful Behavior Against You

Their resentment toward you becomes a distraction at work, whether it involves gossiping behind your back or causing great stress at staff meetings. You have the options to either ignore them or talk to them. If you do disagree with their claims, try to do it with reason rather than with irrational passion.

  • Devaluing Your Work 

It is an indication of jealousy if you are given jobs that minimize or downplay your efforts toward the organization’s success. You will be put on the most unappreciated or hated team by such a coworker. All of your suggestions will either be ignored or used without giving you any credit.

If the individual in question is your superior, you might be unable to do anything about it, but you can file a complaint with their boss. Unless anything changes, you might want to think about leaving the company.

  • Their Facial Expressions Change In Your Presence.

Your coworker will make sure you are aware of her mood swings when you are there if she can’t avoid you. They will abruptly switch from a cheerful to a sullen expression on their faces. This sends the message that you are unwanted and that your input is not important. The workplace will become tense and unpleasant as a result.

You can disregard the expressions if they are not bothering you. However, if they cause conflict that hinders your performance, you can ask to be transferred to a different department where you won’t have to interact with that person directly.

  • When You Aren’t Around, She Converses With Other Coworkers, But When You Are, She Either Stops Or Switches The Subject.

You’ve probably experienced situations where you enter a crowded room and everyone instantly stops talking. This is a clear indication that they were misbehaving and were probably referring to you.

That can be explained by the fact that at least a few individuals in the room are envious of your successes. Develop trust with your colleagues to prevent them from taking part in gossip about you.

  • Refusing to Take Up Collaboration Opportunities

Their refusal to cooperate with you is one of the workplace warning signs of jealousy among female coworkers. If a manager places them on your project team, they will monopolize the discussion with their objections and attempt to undermine your work. They might cut you off in the middle of a thought and disregard all of your suggestions.

  • Keeping Office Sympathy For Your Issues To A Minimum

Some envious coworkers make you the target of their venomous rage or jealousy. They lack manners and attempt to discourage others from caring about you personally. These tactics to alienate will undoubtedly fail, whether it entails having fewer private talks at work or refusing to disclose or pay attention to the personal events of everyone.

  • She Criticizes Your Workspace.

Your coworker will complain about all kinds of unimportant things out of jealousy. She might claim, for instance, that your workstation is obstructing her path or limiting her perspective of the window. She might occasionally complain that your workplace is unreasonably bigger than hers. She won’t take into account the fact that even if your contribution to the firm is more valued, your space is bigger and justified.

Your workspace was given to you to support your roles, thus you cannot give it up. You should either ignore her or make an effort to explain your varied office arrangements to her.

  • Undermining Your Efforts

This occurs when a coworker participates in activities that interfere with your productivity, preventing you from meeting the objectives that have been established for you. They might plan to eliminate a task you have been working on for a while, for instance. This is because their progress is impeded by your success. This is a problem that needs to be solved right away. If you want to discover a solution, you should ask your manager for a meeting.

  • Focus On Your Shortcomings And Failings

When you mention something good you’ve done or an achievement you’ve accomplished, an envious coworker will point out the mistakes and shortcomings of the circumstance. They will emphasize the drawbacks even when they compliment you.

She might say that you can handle the stress that comes with getting a promotion. Just keep your mind on the bright side and reassure her that no one will stop you from achieving your objectives.

  • Declining Your Invitation

You could have a gathering, like a birthday party, and invite all of your coworkers. Some people may have good reasons for not attending, but a jealous coworker will decline the offer without giving a justification.

You’ve been made into an antagonist to be avoided at all costs by her due to workplace rivalry. There is nothing you can do to influence the person’s opinion because you haven’t disagreed with them. Simply stop inviting her to events.

  • Your Verbal Communications Are Ignored

The chats you have with these employees are ignored. Except when they must carry out their given jobs, they avoid even the most basic of conversations beyond light talk and polite banter. This lack of communication may, in some cases, constitute both an act of rebellion and insubordination.

  • Transmitting Brief Communications

Coworkers who are envious of you frequently send curt messages and make an effort to avoid speaking to you in person. A detailed story is less common in emails, telephone conversations, and actual interactions than a short, direct tone more akin to a text or email message. To prevent people from speaking to you face-to-face, they might try to boost the amount of digital communication.

  • Keeping You In the Dark

These disgruntled co-workers make small and sad attempts to harm your reputation, whether it is by omitting you from conferences or sending you important emails. When questioned about their behavior, they will make an administrative or technological error the reason for their conduct. Inform your supervisor if their negative behavior continues.

  • They Urge You To Quit The Business

When your competitive coworker wants to crush the competition, this is what occurs. She would advise you to quit your current job if you feel that you are not being treated fairly by the employer or if you want to search elsewhere for promotion.

The actual explanation is that they are jealous of you and no longer appreciate you around. Never let other people lead you astray and always act by your moral convictions.

  • She Frequently Remarks That Your Job Is More Engaging Than Hers.

It’s acceptable if a coworker occasionally remarks that they have a more intriguing job. The reason she keeps bringing it up, though, is that she is uneasy with the way things are if she does so every time you speak.

She most likely wishes she were in your situation and will do anything to obtain it. Just nod in agreement while keeping an eye out for any attempts on her part to have you fired.


Anyone who has ever held a job is well aware of jealous female coworker signs and how they affect the workplace environment.

Of course, it’s hard to win the approval of everyone at work. While some coworkers would not consider letting you feel their dislike for you, many others can simply conceal their animosity. Most coworkers will keep their dislike of you under wraps so as not to embarrass them or endanger their careers. In the workplace, it’s fairly usual to find nice words wrapped with bitter anger.

Whether a female coworker treats you differently, consider the 23 signs listed above to see if there is more going on than just a poor day at work or a little disagreement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does Workplace Jealousy Look Like?

  • According to research, persons who feel envious are less likely to share information and more inclined to participate in sabotage and other socially destructive acts. Their performance suffers as a result of their frequent refusal to lend a helping hand to others, less openness with the team, and disengagement from their work.

How Do You Tell If Another Woman Is Intimidated By You?

  • A lady will make it clear if she feels threatened by you. Outright irritability, excessive compliments, or extreme shyness are a few warning signals. Although you certainly don’t think of yourself as scary, there is something about you that threatens other women.

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