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Getting Fired From A Job You Hate? Here Is What To Do


Getting Fired From A Job You Hate? you not left out for this instances. The internet is filled with instances of toxic work environments and toxic employers, which would then affect the employees who find it hard to fit in such toxic environment. According to reports, black Amazon warehouse employees were told they may opt to leave their jobs without being paid yet were denied greater protection.

There are many more of such cases from the big brands we all look up to working with believing you would be happy working there but otherwise is the case. If you’ve ever worked in an environment that was bad for your mental health as an employee, then you know how exhausting it can be. And you probably already know how perplexingly distressing it can be if you’ve ever been fired from a terrible job environment, because it affects your personality due to financial security it provides and other gains you make from it.

i would be sharing with you ways of overcoming toxic work environment and getting fired from a job you hate because your everyday life may be seriously disrupted by stress, burnout, depression, harm to your self-esteem, and other factors which you might be feeling at the moment. i listed all these because i felt them recently and as you know no one likes rejection.

Why Do Employees Hate Their Jobs

We all say we hate one job to the other, but have we looked into what makes us hate the jobs , i would be stating different reasons why i think employees hate their jobs and would eventually cause burnout.

  • Toxic work enivronment that comprises of either the boss or co-workers.
  • The govt takes a large chunk of the salary for taxes and at the end you eventually end up with less
  • Having too much work to complete or not having enough resources
  • High hopes about what their work lives which were unrealistic

The Physiology End

As humans we dont like losing neither do we like rejection because it a hard pill to swallow, but what happens when you have being affected with such emotional truma. The best you can do for yourself is forget about it every happening, you might not be able to forgive your employer but it best you forget it .

There comes the thought of “you thinking your were at fault” even fully knowing you have done everything possible to make amends with your employer. That what happens with you involved in a toxic relationship of any form which if you dont take good care of yourself would cause emotional pains, such cases would cause a void in ones life to think that the perfect way of working due to the pressure one has lived through while during the work.

Examples of of jobs like that are Surgeon, Doctors and the list goes on, unfortunately jobs like this creates a void in you thaat even if you are on leave or free for the day you feel lazy or have axiety attacks that why people in such proffesions takes as much jobs they can lay their hands on to to fill those voids.

Now imagine these set of people are fired from a toxic work it would take a serious troll on them and they might not be that patient to analyze how to over come such situations , instead they just jump on another job with out checking on certain parmeters to keep their sanity and to cope in these case ones need proper self care.

Stay optimistic

Believing in yourself and staying optimistic goes a long way when one is getting fired from a job you hate. In no time you would apply for various jobs, get called for interview and you would get a better job which would most times be better than the former because this time you can see things from a different perspective because you outside the job unlike while you were having the job, there would be limitations to how much time you would use to access jobs you searching.

The knowledge and experience you gained from them is no waste which would increase your value overtime so bascially it the company that would loss and most cases they might call you for consultation because you were asked to leave on a short notice. There is a saying  “no man is a failure who has friends” basically when you loss your jobs and you communicate with family, friends and coworkers that would help you chances of getting back into the job market because you dont know who has some good leads and also the pressure would be less especially with family.

Developing Yourself

Now you have lost your jobs this is the best time to develop yourself in the right channel, checking which certifications would increase your chances of landing a job. Also once you fired you would know there is no job security out there and you are your security by investing in yourself, diversifying by not putting all your eggs in one basket and spreading the risk which would eventually help when you retire from work fully and you would still be vibrate in which every industry you invest your time, energy and money on.

Its usually challenging to have time to think of our career but its important from time to time, we dont have to wait till one crisis happen to your job, career or humanity as a whole before you starting planning.

Networking is another approach which cant be underated in this time and age, be it on social media, going for confernces and any other way you feel you could network with people in your field. As there is saying that “your network is your network” , so if you have not started doing that i would advice you start now you have the time.


What is keeping you from succeeding now that you no longer have a job but still have your knowledge, skills and experience. You can’t let a job define your life besides you existed before the job did so why not dust up yourself up and plan for the present for the past is gone and there is nothing you can do about it. We have the future but we don’t know much much time we have got, so just enjoy the moment. Be proud of yourself.

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