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How To Write An Internship Report With Example

write an internship report

The purpose of an internship is to build professional skills in a real-world setting where you can use what you’ve learned into action and you would need to write an internship report. Internships are learning experiences, it’s critical to assess the skills you’ve acquired with the time spent with the organisation.
Have you gotten yourself a role as an intern in your dream company? This article will walk you through the steps to write an internship report of your own, including the format, sample, and examples.

What is  an internship report?

An internship report is a description of what you learned while working as an intern for a specific employer. Once an intern has completed their time at a company, they will be required to submit an internship report and you need to know how to write an internship report so you can stand out. The internship report should be written professionally because it demonstrates what duties, experiences, and skills you gained throughout your internship and how you were able to apply them when the time arose.
An internship report includes information regarding your internship, such as the position you held with the employer, as well as the experience and skills you gained.

When Do You Need An Internship Report?

Internship reports are typically required for educational purposes by students, however not all school programmes require them. If you find yourself in a scenario where your programme requires an internship report, you must plan and prepare yourself in order to know how to write an internship report and produce a successful one. While doing your internship, keep a journal to keep track of essential details. Even if your school programme does not need an internship report, evaluating how the internship process went and reviewing it for future use would be beneficial to both you and your employer.

How To Write An Internship Report

The most important aspects of your internship experience should be covered in your internship report. It should also contain a summary of the abilities you acquired. Required material, formatting, due dates, and other details may be included in these guidelines.

Report 1 1
How To Write An Internship Report

To know how to write an internship report, Kindly complete these steps below:

1.  Make a cover page for your internship report.
2.  Make a table of contents .
3.  Make an abstract page
4.  Introduction 
5.  Include your position and responsibilities as an intern.
6.  Evaluate what you have learned and the abilities you've gained.
7.  Conclusion

1. Make a Cover page

This title page would feature the intern’s basic information, such as name, class, tenure date, and organisation name.

2. Make an abstract page

An abstract allows readers to rapidly grasp the idea of your internship report and it can also be read on its own to learn about the content of your internship report.  An abstract prepares readers to follow the specific information and analyses in your report. An abstract is produced after you have done writing your internship report’s body and conclusion since it summarises what your internship report entails. The great report abstracts accomplish the following:

  • Simply outline the Internship report’s goal.
  • Summarise the precise nature of your work assignment as an intern.
  • Basic information about the employer.
  • Evaluate the conclusion of the report which would be the evaluation of your experience as an intern.

3. Make a table of contents 

This is the first page of your report, and it tells the reader what to expect and how to get around the document.

4. Introduction

A brief history of the organisation should be included in your report. Include data such as the company’s founding date, its goal or mission statement, the company’s daily operations, the department you worked in, address, website, and phone number of the employing organization and any other key information.

5. Include your internship position and responsibilities

The body of your internship report will focus on your function as an intern at the organisation and all of the responsibilities you were assigned, no matter how little they may seem. This allows you to talk about your achievements in the role and how your internship went.

6. Discuss what you learned and the skills you developed

You will detail the exact skills you learned and how your skills were enhanced in this section of your internship report. It would also be beneficial to apply these skills to your educational information. Include a few examples of things you’ve learned not just from the company, but also from life experiences or from co-workers.

How To Write An Internship Report Conclusion

Your internship report would be completed by writing a conclusion regarding your time as an intern.

Writing a conclusion for an internship report is a simple process. You’re simply supposed to give a quick summary of what you learned as an intern there. What do you think this internship accomplished in terms of honing your professional skills, and how do you think it has influenced your outlook on work?
You may not include anything unexpected in the conclusion section, but you may indicate what skills or qualities you would like to develop. Which departments of the organization would you prefer to work in? This can help you figure out what aspects of your profession you enjoy performing the most. On the other hand, it will aid the organisation in the future development of better internship programmes.

It should be clear and concise, no more than a paragraph in length and you should proofread your report before submitting it.
Keep in mind that your internship report may be read by your internship supervisor, other executives at the company and your programme coordinator. Maintain a positive attitude and keep it professional.

How To Write An Abstract For Internship Report Sample

An abstract for internship report is a concise summary of a larger piece of work. Your abstract should be a succinct overview of your research proposal with a maximum of 250 words. It should refrain from making personal judgments or assessing the work. While significant sentences from the larger piece should be included.

Abstract For Internship Guide line

  • State the project’s principal purpose and scope
  • Describe the methodology
  • Summarise the findings
  • Provide the main conclusions.
  • Include crucial terms and phrases that quickly define the work’s essence and purpose in plain and short language.

How To Write An Internship Report Template

When writing an internship report, you can utilise a variety of formats, you can use the following template to know how to write an internship report:

Cover Page



(Title) Internship Report

(Internship tenure dates)

(Internship organization)

Table Of Contents

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Internship description
  • Review of internship experience
  • Conclusion


This report outlines the duties of a summer intern at (Organization name), (location), and highly recommends the internship to other students. (Organization name) is an ( organization niche). I worked in the(department) .


(Organization Name) was established in the year (year) with a mission statement (mission statement) and a vision statement (vision statement). (Organization Name) contributes significantly to the economy (details). This organisation appealed to me since its objective is essential and connected to my professional ambitions.

Internship Description

At (Organization Name), I was in charge of (role details). I worked directly with (Department) and received the following assignments: (responsibilities).

Review of internship experience

I was able to develop my (skills) during my internship at (Organization Name). I was able to gain the following (Experiences) which were really helpful in strengthening my (skill). Despite the fact that (experience) was difficult for me at the beginning due to (reasons) , I found it to be beneficial in the development of my (skill).

Conclusion (Details).

How To Write An Internship Report Example

Your internship report may differ differently depending on your intern job and the company. Here are some examples of how to write an internship reports organised by career type:

Title page

Max Drizzle
Internship report

Feb. 1–Nov25 , 2022

Nexus Security

Table of contents

Internship description
Review of internship experience


Nexus Security was founded in 2015 to to fight against the high rise of cyber crime in the society. Nexus Security’s mission statement is that the United Kingdom should be one of the safest places in the world to conduct cyber-business and their vision statement Security is a continuous, systematic process. Nexus Security plays a vital role in the economy for fighting cyber crime by trying to educate citizens about latest happenings. I chose to do my internship with this company because their goal is identical to what I’m aiming towards in terms of helping the society become a better place.

Internship Description

My role at Nexus Security was to evaluate the how cyber crimes are being performed. I worked directly with the head of Data management head in assessing different situations difficulties.

Overview Of Internship Experience

During my internship experience with Nexus Security I was able to develop Networking and System Administration, Knowledge of Operating Systems and Virtual Machines and Network Security Control skills . I believe they were valuable in developing my skill set in cyber security in the nearest future.


Nexus Security has helped me learn a lot about the security sector. I understood that I needed to have a deeper understanding of how crimes are perpetrated.
Finally, I believe I gained a lot of knowledge from my supervisors and about cybercrime in general. I’ll utilise everything I’ve gained in terms of lessons and skills to my next job in the sector.

Now is the time for you to begin working on writing your own internship report. Best of luck with your report, and please feel free to ask questions in the comments section.

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