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Resignation Letter Due To Mental Health

Resignation Letter Due To Mental Health

It is a difficult task when you are going through a tough time and you need to come up with a resignation letter due to mental health. You might be facing serious challenges in life and after a thorough thinking process, dropping a resignation letter is the final stop, but coming up with a perfectly-written resignation letter becomes a mountain you need to overcome.

In writing a resignation letter due to mental health, your intentions matter because in writing one, as much as you are trying your best not to reveal personal stuff in the letter, you will simultaneously be courteous so as not to pass through the wrong message that might give a wrong impression about you and consequently, straining your relationship with through employer and making access to future references difficult.

To write a resignation letter due to mental health, that is professionally acceptable and of a good standard, follow the highlighted steps below.

How To Write A Resignation Letter Due To Mental Health

If you want to write a resignation letter due to mental health, you must make exiting your employment obligations your primary objective. You must do this without disappointing people or creating the idea that you are departing willfully. It is critical to provide enough facts to describe your judgment and the variables that influenced it, but it is equally critical to keep emotional appeals to a point. Singular statements to colleagues or even your boss must be sent in distinct conversations.

To start with, make sure you highlight your willingness to continue working at the firm. Also highlight that you won’t be able to do so, clearly stating your reasons. Make your reasons plain and brief stating your need to leave due to mental health problems, and make an uncompromising declaration of withdrawal that your superiors cannot ignore.

Conclusively, focus your drive on appreciating your employer for giving you the platform where you were able to nurture and grow your skill. You could wish to go back into the corporate world after you might have been well, the endorsement of a former employer can be a terrific recommendation, even if you have to change fields. Also, your chances of being able to work in the same firm are increased, if you want to. For a better result, follow the structure that I have highlighted above. Also, you can use the sample template in this article.

Template of Resignation Letter Due To Mental Health

To better improve the quality of the resignation letter due to the mental health that you write, as an HR specialist, I have come up with one of the best sample templates in the industry.

[Employee’s name]

[Your position]




[Employer’s name]


[Company’s name]

Dear [Employer’s name]

It is with utmost regret that I write of my intentions to tender my resignation letter. Our engagement at the company is greatly appreciated and I have the utmost conviction that the company insurance in place is for preserving all employees.

Making this decision was a difficult one, but after due consultation with my doctors and getting a different assessment elsewhere which recommended the same thing, I believe I must act accordingly. The long shifts and hard study routine just put far too much pressure on my attacks at this time, and the increase in severity and length has made it impossible for me to do my obligations.

I, ___________(employee’s name ) resign from my position as a _________(role) Analyst in __________(Organization name ) with effective immediately.

I am sending my deepest gratitude for your tutelage over the last six years, and I regret that I need to make this decision. However, health is wealth, and coming to this conclusion is that I have no choice but to listen to the body’s requests. I want to create a balance between work and life that will give room for a possible return to the data analysis field but first, I must concentrate on my rehabilitation.

I am grateful to you for all of our time spent.

Sincere faithfully,

[Employee’s name]


Resignation Letter Due To Mental Health: Dos and Don’ts

When writing one of these letters, you should avoid making offensive remarks or expressing yourself emotionally. Certain phrases are more difficult to identify, and they might be difficult to eliminate from the final document. For instance, sharing too much personal health information. It poses an unconcerned fact and misconceptions about your requirements may change the direction of the letter’s goal and significance.

It might also come off as judgmental if you go into too much information over why your company is unable to satisfy your demands in your present health status. That is why, instead of trying to write a thorough explanation of your situation, you can make a simple comment accompanied by a display of thankfulness. That way, every phrase remains on the subject and adds positively to your narrative.

After Writing Your Resignation Letter Due to Mental Health, What Next?

In most cases, you should not have to send a follow-up letter after receiving a message like this one. The resignation is a definitive notification in and of itself, and it is proper to submit it and then make additional plans to quit your employment. Oftentimes, you will be replied immediately.

Provided you did not get a response immediately, send in a brief query or a duplicate letter. Also, if you are obligated to handle certain off-the-hook tasks, highlight them in your query. This will better fast-track prompt responses to your letter.


Writing a letter of resignation due to mental health could prove to be difficult if certain guidelines are not followed. Also, if written with the wrong tone, there won’t be clarity between the sender and the receiver hence, leading to possible strained relationships. Follow our guide to the books and use our sample template.

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