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Resignation Letter Due To Joining Family Business

Resignation Letter Due To Joining Family Business

If you are leaving your current job to join your family business then you need to write resignation letter due to joining family business, you should keep up a polite rapport with your workplace. Prior to delivering your letter, if at all possible, attempt to engage your superiors directly to further review your reasons for tendering a resignation letter in full depth.

You are free to discuss the dialogue if you wish to in your writing. You can frame your factors as “family engagement” or “unyielding obligations” if you would rather not go into too much detail with anyone.

You must state clearly in your resignation letter that considerations for leaving have nothing to do with your colleagues at work or the firm. This may assist you in departing on a high note, making it simpler to maintain a healthy profile among companies in your field.

Finding a balanced dynamic between two engagements can be difficult. Provided you are stalked between handling your employed engagement and your family business, tendering a resignation letter to your employed engagement remains the goto. To go about this, you must make sure you follow the correct procedures and submit a formal resignation letter highlighting joining your family business as your reason.

How To Write Resignation Letter Due To Joining Family Business

Writing a well-acceptable resignation letter due to joining family business can be achieved by following strict protocol and guides. Below, I have highlighted five steps involved in having the best draft of a resignation letter due to joining family business.

  • Declare your resignation in a respectful manner. Give the title of the position you are quitting and the date it becomes effective.
  • If you can, be honest when you describe the hardship of the choice and provide further details about your goals.
  • Thank people for their education, experiences, and connections.
  • Request a referral letter if necessary.
  • Say anything if you believe there is a chance you may reclaim your position or if someone has recommended it to you.

Resignation Letter Due To Joining Family Business Template



The HR Manager,

(Company/Organization Name),


Subject: Resignation Letter due to Joining Family Business

Respected Sir/Madam,

Dear (employer name):

I am writing to you to inform you of my decision to leave my position as the Chief Data Scientist (your post at the company). I have come to the conclusion to focus on my family’s business which urgently needs my undivided attention. Please consider this letter as my formal four-week notice of resignation from (company name), effective April 20, 2022. It is my utmost belief that you will understand my stance.

I apologize for any trouble my resignation may have caused, and I will help in the seamless transition for everyone. Please do feel free to contact me if there is a need for me to help with the probable substitute. My personal contact information is (phone number) and (email). I will be anticipating your warm response.

Even though I will miss working with everyone at (company name), I have given this choice serious thought and believe it will be in the best interests of all parties. I am appreciative of the priceless experience I have gained and have faith that I will be able to return at some point. I value your tolerance and acceptance.

Yours sincerely,

Name: XYZ



Your name



Employer name


Dear employer:

I resign with sadness from my position as Accountant General, effective four weeks from today. Despite the fact that I love my career, I have chosen to focus my energy on my family business.

This choice is particularly challenging given your belief in my expertise and unbelievable care for my professional growth. I will always be appreciative of the priceless knowledge I gained while working under your tutelage. The relationships I have made here have also contributed to the success and productivity of my time spent working for the organization.

When I decide to reenter the labor market, I will be grateful for your offer to reestablish me to my previous position. In fact, there is no organization I would want to work for.

Best Regards,

Your Signature

Your name


When writing your next resignation letter due to joining family business, always follow our structure and include the most important details. Also, do not make the mistake of revealing more than necessary. Cut to the chase, be brief and outline only the needed points.

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