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Difference Between Training And Internship

Difference between training and internship


Most times, students compare training and internship as having the same meaning, however there is a very big difference between training and internship, which they need to understand because it helps in making their portfolio. Additionally, with this, an individual can choose, which vocation or domain is best for them. While training is a learning process in which attempts are made to expand the information, abilities and skills of the student with the goal that he/she can undoubtedly play out a particular work.

On the opposite side of the coin, we have Internship. Fundamentally, an internship is a joint program planned by colleges, in which the organization, and organizations, collaborate to bestow information to the students with the goal that they can understand the reasonable utilization of the subjects, which they have studied during their undergrad or postgraduate courses.

In this article, we will educate you with every one of the significant focuses that differentiate training from internship, so you can easily know the difference between training and internship.

What Is Training?

Tranining And Internship

Training is similar to a skill acquisition program where your present employee train you on a particular skill or vocation. Training is meant for both the newly employed staff and for experienced staff as well to keep them updated. It is more similar to an education program where much emphasis is placed on practical learning than abstract theoretical learning.

Training means teaching exceptional abilities, work strategies rules and guidelines, generally used by an organization, to existing or new employees with the goal that they can understand the organizational structure and perform well towards the objectives and goal of the organization. Today world of business is totally unique in relation to past business decade. With the adjustment of innovation, the strategies and techniques for carrying on with work are likewise changing day-in day-out.

Subsequently, it is extremely essential for the organizations to stay up to date with modern technologies. For this reason at various times organizations teaches their employees with new skills and courses. Training can be in form of a new software Skill or new educational course. It is extremely helpful for organizations as they save a lot of money by giving training to existing employees instead of recruiting new staff. There are various types of training like sales training, marketing training, teaching training, physical training, administrative training etc….

There are various kinds of training which are given to individuals who need to join a professional organization. It is for the prospective employees to ensure they can get the knowledge and useful experience of the relative multitude of exercises they will be engaged with their time at the organization. This is dependably a paid action and a basic structure design of pay is given to the ones who are partakes in a training.

Since it lasts quite a while and typically takes from not many weeks to a month the compensation is given and there is generally a chance of recruiting when somebody is chosen for training. Individuals who become part of an organization can likewise be given further training to ensure they adjust themselves with the new changes that have been brought. In simpler terms, one might say that training is at a level which is professional.

Types Of Training

Some organizations might have a few training programs, which is dependent on the activities and size of the organization. Below is a list of the most widely recognized sorts of training and development programs:

  • Technical skills development
  • Soft skills development
  • Orientation training
  • Onboarding training
  • Quality training
  • Products and services training
  • Safety training
  • Team training
  • Online training
  • On-site training

Benefits Of Training

Training is important because it allows employees to develop their knowledge, insight base and further improve their skills to become more effective and efficient in the workplace. The benefits of training are highlited below;

  • Training prepares employee for higher responsibilities.
  • It assist  employees know more about specific computer skills and IT topics, such as the use of software systems.
  • It increases employees productivity and performance.
  • Training program helps employees to get acquainted with the organizational ethics, values, policies, vision and mission.
  • Training program boosts  employee morale and make them approach their job with more self confidence.
  • It improves the organizational structure, helps employees to learn in a systematic and consistent way and also prevents the employee from learning by trial and error.

What Is Internship

Internship is a practical experience opportunity presented by organizations, to willing and proficient beginners of a profession, for a fixed term. Internship is mostly offered to an undergraduate student. It tends to be full time or part-time for a fixed period, it could be 6 months or 12 months. It is exceptionally useful for students, which assist them with learning the practical impact of their study and have some familiarity with a specific industry. It offers you chance to apply your theoretical knowledge.

A few organizations’ gives allowance and a few charges expense for providing research and other material. Nowadaysdays in certain fields of studies it is a prerequisite for achievement of degree.

The internship  is a technique for experiential learning, that joins the theoretical knowledge learnt in the classroom with skill development and practical application in an organizational setting. It includes critical observing of work or service experience, in which the intern has intentional learning goals. It clearly showcases what the intern has learnt all through the experience, which yields to all round development of the student, be it social, professional, personal or academic.

An internship is like a job before the real occupation where learners have the opportunity to apply the information they have acquired through academics in a practical, work environment setting. It assists the students to experience what it looks like to work in a particular career field and gain relevant information, skills and abilities.

Types Of Internship

The main aim of an internship is to learn professional skills, abilities and activities rehearsed in recovery and human services setting where the emphasis is on assisting students to develop independent skills, physical, social, amusement/recreation, professional/vocation, and so forth. Below are types of internship that suits a student; 

  • Paid Internship
  • Field Experience
  • Practicum (practice)
  • Intern at a Startup
  • Apprenticeship
  • Cooperative Education
  • Work placement
  • Summer Internships
  • Unpaid Internship
  • Internships for Credit
  • Non- Profitable Internship
  • Job Shadowing (Externship)
  • Service-learning
  • Partially Paid Internship
  • Virtual Internship

Benefits Of Internship

The following are the reasons why you should consider partaking in an internship program while you are at college.

  • To explore a career path.
  • To develop and refine skills.
  • To transition into a Job.
  • To network with professionals in the field.
  • To gain confidence.
  • To gain valuable work experience.
  • To boost your Resume(CV)
  • To help with letter of recommendation or reference.

To get hired for an internship, one has to ace interviews which is no easy feat, going through Why You Should Be Hired For This Internship? will help you get prepared for the journey ahead.

Differences Between Training And Internship

Although, both training and internship are similar in meaning that both assist you with improving your abilities, skills and put the acquired information to practical use, still there is a difference between training and internship.

  • Training is a process of teaching specific skills and behavior of a job to workers while The internship is a temporary job training, which involves the combination of job training and classroom instructions.
  • Training is given to existing and newly employed staffs of the organization. While, internship is meant for undergraduates or graduates.
  • There are various kinds of training which are given to individuals who need to join a professional organization. While, Internship is the sort of action which includes students from various colleges who wishes to be part of a work environment and learn beyond what is being taught in the classroom.
  • Objectives of training are fairly work situated.It centers around mastering new abilities which is applicable in working situations for professional advancemen. While, Internship is designed to learn new skills and gain practical experience. Its main focus is to test theoretical knowledge learnt in classroom settings.
  • Training gives an individual the opportunity of being promoted or employed in an organization. While, Internship positions does not provide the assurance of getting the Job after your internship programme with an organization. 
  • Training consistently prompts a permanent Job. While, Internship doesn’t necessarily prompt a Job.
  • Employees who gets training becomes permanent employee of the organization. While, Internship provides temporary position and short-term employment.
  • Organizations offered internship program in summer when learners are free from universities or during holidays. While, training to new worker is given after his employment, and to existing employess it is provided as an opportunity to learn a new skill.
  • Training is for individuals who wants to start working in a particular environment.On the other hand, Internship is for graduate/undergraduate students who have no skill of this present real world.
  • Training includes practical skills, insights, experience and activities. While, Internship can be carried out by observing how activities in a particular work environment are being done.
  • The trainee might have the set of skills which are required for the performance of the job. While, Interns generally posses a few skills in the concerned area and search for means to develop and accquire more skills.
  • The Internship position lasts for a fixed period of 2-3 months. While, Training varies from few weeks to months, it depends on the type of work.
  • Internship position is important for most degrees like Accounting, Banking and finance, Engineering and Medical programs. While, Training is not mandatory in most of the cases as some of the time newly employed individuals comes with already gained experience.
  • Internship can be paid or not paid. Some of the time organizations charges expense from government or foundations for giving internship position. While workers are paid according to their fixed salary during Training.
  • Training is meant for both newly employed staffs and experienced workers to keep them updated. It is more similar to an education program where emphasis is laid on practical learning than theoretical learning. While, expectations from you during the course of an internship program are high, most times, project and assignments are being given during an internship program. You need to provide a definite report about the work you have done during your internship tenure to your supervisor or reporting manager.


Although,there are difference between training and internship, both are significant for the development of an individual as a professional. An internship gives practical application of theoretical knowledge while training helps to improve an employee’s performance in an organization. Internship can be used most times to get a permanent Job while Training gives an employee the opportunity to improve their skills in their corporate Job.

The two terms which are basically the same as one another however actually are different can turn into a difficulty if you don’t give much concentration. Training and Internship are two such terms which are normally confused by individuals who have close to zero familiarity with them. Hopefully, while reading this article that would have changed.

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