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Transfer Certificate (TC)

Transfer Certificate (TC)

Are you considering switching schools or universities? You should be aware of the importance of a Transfer Certificate (TC) in this situation. They have the form of School Leaving Certificates. While school departure certificates are usually used by students who want to move schools, they can also be used by students who want to change institutions or make the transition from high school to college which is one of the documentation needed. If you wish to write it in a clear and concise manner, read this article to learn more about the Transfer Certificate, its samples, application format.

What is a Transfer Certificate (TC)?

A Transfer Certificate (TC) is a document that a student receives from the in-charge institution when he or she wishes to leave that institution. It primarily contains personal information about the student, such as his or her date of birth as recorded by the college, academic records, programmes studied at the in-charge school, fees, parents’ information, and occupational data.

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Transfer Certificate (TC)

This Transfer certificate (TC) verifies that the student has no outstanding debts and has passed all of the tests that they have taken. It also serves as a code of conduct. It provides as proof that a student is only enrolled in one college or school at any given moment. In layman’s words, it’s the connector that allows students to move across institutions, making admissions a simple.

Why is Transfer Certificate (TC) Needed?

The basic purpose is to keep a student enrolled in only one college at any given moment. It guarantees that the student has paid off any outstanding obligations from their prior university, even if it is the same university but at a different level of study. The student’s character and behaviour should also be attested to on the Transfer Certificate (TC). A Transfer Certificate (TC) is necessary, which is usually issued by the governing body of the institution.

When a student is accepted into a new school or institution, they must request for a transfer certificate in writing at their previous school. This is to formally notify the authorities of your intention to leave and request that they issue you a Transfer Certificate (TC).

Transfer Certificate Format

If you want to transfer or enrol in a new institution, you’ll need this document from your current school or institution. A Transfer certificate (TC) has the following format.

tranfer certificate 1

How to Write an Application for Transfer Certificate .

The letter from the institution principal requesting a Transfer Certificate (TC) is known as an application for Transfer Certificate (TC) from school. The Transfer certificate’s main objective is to release the student from their institution so that they can enrol in another. The student will be unable to enrol in another institution without the document.
The format for writing an application for issuance must clearly and concisely explain the reasons. Formal writing is required for the application. Students can write the Transfer Certificate (TC) for Institution application letter in the languages that are often used in institution, such as English.

Name of the Receiver

Name and Address of the Institution
Yours Sincerely,
Name of the Writer (The student or parents of the student)
Address and Contact Number

Tips On How To Write Transfer Certificate Application

  1. Address to Authority: Always address your application to the head of your school or college. He could be your school’s headmaster, director, or principal. Respected Sir or Madam, depending on the situation. Respect is an indication of a thoughtful gesture.
  2. Identification Details: Explicitly indicated your name, class, section, identification number and father’s name. This assists the organization’s administration in appropriately identifying you.
  3. Reason For Applying: Offer an explanation for taking the transfer certificate. In some cases, this is not necessary. Students should state clearly and honestly why they require a departure certificate.
  4. Documents Required: Students must attach the necessary documentation requested by another school/institute to get admission.
  5. Specify the date for issuing the certificate: It’s also a good idea to give a deadline for getting the certificate. You can avoid any unnecessary delays by doing so.

General Application Example


The Principal,

(Name of the School)


Date: _____

Subject: Application for Transfer Certificate

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is to keep you informed, that I have completed my Class ____ from your school___ in [Date]  with [Grade]. [Add clearanace and pending issues, if any]

Therefore, I hereby apply for my school transfer certificate . I will be really obliged to you.

Thanking You!

Yours Sincerely


[Identification Number]

Different Transfer Certificate (TC) Sample

After you’ve grasped the fundamentals of developing an Transfer certification application, take a look at some of the following examples to get a better idea:

Application for Transfer Certificate(TC) by parents

To,                                                                                                        Date: 01.05.2022

The Principal,

School name,


Subject: Request for School Leaving Certificate of my child.

Dear Sir / Madam,

We’d like to seek a transfer certificate for my son / daughter, (Name), who is a student at your school in (class-section name), (Roll no.). Due to a job change, I would like to tell you that we will be shifting from Dehil to Mumbai. For admittance to another school, he or she will need a ‘School Transfer Certificate.’ I’ve paid off all outstanding bills and returned all library materials.

As a result, you are kindly requested to grant a ‘School Leaving Certificate’ so that my child may enrol in a new school there. Your assistance will be much appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,


Parents name

Application For Transfer Certificate (TC) And Marksheet From College

The principal
(Name of college)
(Address of college)

Date- dd/mm/yyyy

Subject- Application for transfer certificate

Sir/ma’am ,
This is to inform you that my name is Anikit Wax and I completed my graduation from your reputed college in the year 2022.

The reason that I’m writing this letter is that I want to request for a transfer certificate and my marksheet for my further education.

I humbly respect your kind support and would be thankful for the same.

Yours sincerely, 
Anikit Wax

[Identification Number]

Application For Transfer Certificate (TC) From College After 1st year

The principal
(Name of college)
(Address of college)

Date- dd/mm/yyyy

Subject- Application for transfer certificate

Sir/ma’am , 
My name is Anikt Wax and I pay my sincerest respect to you.

I’ve been studying bsc hons mathematics at your college for a year, however my results have been disappointing. I’ve realised that this field isn’t for me, and I’ve discovered my true calling. Please offer me a transfer certificate for the same reason.

I shall be grateful for your kind support and understanding.

Yours faithfully, 
Ankit Wax

Application For Transfer Certificate (TC) And Migration Certificate From College

The principal
(Name of college)
(Address of college)

Date- dd/mm/yyyy

Subject- Application for transfer and migration certificate

Sir/ma’am , 
I extend my gratitude towards you, my name is Ankit Wax and I’m a student of your college.

Please provide me a transfer and migration certificate as I am continuing my education and these credentials are required. Please send this information as soon as possible so that my admittance is not delayed.

With great respect, I hope you will offer your kind consideration.

Yours faithfully, 
Ankit Wax


Is the Transfer Certificate the same as leaving certificate?

The transfer certificate is the same as the high school or college diploma. This is also granted when a student wishes to leave an institution, either after finishing their studies or in the interim.

What is a TC Certificate?

Transfer certificate(TC) is required If a student is changing schools/colleges or enrolling in another school/college for any reason.

What documents are required for the transfer certificate?

Provisional/Degree certificate of the last course you studied.
Fees statement (proof that you’ve paid the fees).
Adhar Card.

Who Approves the transfer certificate?

The Transfer Certificate (TC) is issued by the Institution principal

What is the importance of transfer certificate?

In practise, schools still demand transfer certificates to transfer a kid from one institution to another.

Difference between a Bonafide and a Transfer Certificate?

The school where a student studies issues a Bonafide certificate. The transfer certificate, on the other hand, is issued by the Board under which the student took the Xth standard examination. The school departure certificate also includes the date of birth and the names of the parents.

Is a college transfer certificate required?

Yes, many colleges require a transfer certificate .

What is the proper structure for a letter to the principal requesting a transfer certificate?

To write an application TC (Transfer Certificate) from school or Transfer Certificate from school and college, follow the steps below:
-Write the details of the person (School Principal) who will issue the TC, along with the institute name and address.
– Date
-Close the application with Thank you and your name and details

We hope you now understand the fundamentals of writing an application for a Transfer Certificate (TC) . Not interested in this particular article? See other articles here.

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