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Gap Certificate

Gap Certificate

Are you a student wanting to take a break from college due to some situations beyond your control then you need Gap Certificate or probably you were a student before you went on a break and want to return to complete your education but don’t know how to? Relax, have you heard of a gap certificate which is also known as a gap affidavit?

In a layman’s language, a gap certificate is a self-declaration made by a non-judicial stamp paper. That’s not all about it, as we progress you will be equipped with the pros and cons of the Gap Certificate.

What is a Gap Year

Before a gap certificate come into place, there is always a gap year in picture. A gap year is a break taken from school to seek after different interests, which could incorporate work, travel, health issues, and internships.

There are many obvious reasons why students choose to take a gap year before they venture into college life. A need to travel, a need to enjoy some time off before schedules become more chaotic while others might attempt to acquire some experience.

Regardless of the reasons behind it, taking a gap year before college begins can end up being helpful if you spend it doing useful things.
Students can do gap years autonomously; with organizations and companies; or through universities and colleges. Many gap years occur abroad and include social exchange, social service, and language inundation in developing nations.

What is a Gap Certificate

Back to the main deal, a gap certificate is an oath that can be given as proof or evidence, which states that an individual has taken a break or put his/her education on hold for a year or more. A gap certificate is a fundamental obligation of those students who took some time off from learning related to a specific situation and are seeing to restart their knowledge. This certificate informs the educator or the school of why the student needed to take some time off.

It is a self-declaration form that states why the study has taken a gap between his/her schooling. It is additionally called a gap affidavit, in lawful terms. This declaration is given in a non-legal stamp paper in which the period and cause for taking the gap are referenced. This paper ought to be endorsed by the concerned judicial of the court.

Numerous students take a gap from their schooling for a few personal reasons for at least one year. In any case, if they need to proceed with further studies, they need to show a gap certificate. It is a testament that ought to incorporate the authentic justification behind which they have taken a break. Students who have cleared their 12th examinations can apply for gap certificates.

A gap certificate will be needed by a student who has taken one or more gap years after the twelfth and is applying for admission into a college after the gap year. In such a case, you need to declare that you did not engage in any study of learning during the gap year as well as the reason for taking the gap.

You can purchase a stamp certificate from a sub-registrar office, advocate, a public accountant, or courts, among others and it could cost around 100-500 INR for a stamp paper and mention the vital details concerning your gap year.
It is needed for university admission if you have taken a gap between your group twelfth and admission year in bachelors or on the other hand you took a gap year in between bachelor’s degree and masters.

They can get the stamp paper from the court directly or probably they can contact an attorney to get it. The court’s legal advisors will assist them with making the declaration papers. After they have gotten the gap certificate from the court endorsed by the rightful authorities, they can then show it as verification to the college or university where they need to get admission.

There are various reasons that can show up for submitting a gap certificate. Probably the most well-known reasons are referenced underneath, even though some have earlier been mentioned:

  • Change of course of study
  • Family issues
  • Medical issues
  • Natural disaster
  • Monetary issues
  • Taking professional courses
  • Business, and some more.

Documents Needed To Apply For Gap Certificate

The documentation needed by the gap certificate ordinarily requires no lawful documentation however it is dealt with by a legal practitioner. The most important documents needed for the gap certificate are the student’s last educational mark sheet alongside the proof of an educational establishment from where one had graduated from or from where one was seeking after any course he/she was doing before. In any case, the most needed documents are:

  • Transfer certificate
  • School/College leaving certificate
  • Graduation mark sheet
  • Residential address proof
  • Course completion testaments
  • ID Proof (PAN Card/Aadhar card/Voter ID/Driving license)
  • A declaration that the candidate was not involved in any illegal activity during that time.
  • A letter from the last educational institute (Authentication declaration)
  • Birth certificate
  • Citizenship proof
  • Legal identity proofs
  • The reason behind the Gap
  • A declaration that all provided information is true and authentic.

The utilization of this gap certificate is required for the students who take gap into their academics to tell the explanation. This gap certificate is valuable as well as the documents mentioned.

GAP Certificate Format

The arrangement of the gap certificate Format comprises the accompanying details:

  • Name of the applicant
  • Age
  • Residential address
  • Latest educational qualifications
  • College Name (from where he/she has gotten schooling)
  • Date from which applicant has taken a gap
  • Reasons for taking the gap
  • Name of the school/college where the applicant wants to get admission
  • Date of application
  • Signature of applicant
  • Signature of advocate
Gap certificate

Just an important reminder, a gap certificate can’t be made online, you need to address it to an advocate or a notary alongside documents and reasons behind the gap that you took. It will help students not break their further dreams of schooling.

How To Apply For Gap Certificate

Ordinarily, universities or colleges give out their GAP certificate format, but in situations where there is no available format given by the college, you can go to a lawyer and request for ‘Gap Certificate’. They have a ready-made gap certificate format. They might ask you for different essential documents before giving you the format.

Applicants can apply for a GAP certificate by writing a proper application to the concerned authority and presenting the following documents –

  • Transfer Certificate
  • Marksheet
  • Certificate of previously procured degree
  • Identity verification
  • Birth certificate.

While applying for a gap certificate, you can either fill up an affidavit that has been self-validated or gotten from your school or school authorities. In this case, you should present an application to the dean of your school.

Gap Certificate Application Form Sample

The Principal
CDE University
City – Pin Code
Hello Sir/Ma’am,

Subject: Issuance of Gap Certificate

I am writing to demand you make arrangements for my gap certificate as needed to further my schooling. I took a gap year in my 3rd year due to financial issues and also personal issues. However, presently I am ready to proceed and complete my post-graduate degree.
If it’s not too much trouble, I would like to request to be given the document. I will be profoundly grateful to you.

Thanking you in advance.
Yours truly,

The following documents are attached: Marksheet, Gap year evidence, and Birth Certificate.

GAP Certificate Online

Online submission of a gap diploma certificate is not possible. You should seek legal advice. A promoter may require additional promotional materials in such scenarios, which can be obtained from training centres or elsewhere. In most circumstances, they aren’t supposed to ask for it.

Gap Certificate is a non-judicial notification on paper that confirms the reason for the gap between full-time tutoring and a pre-determined cost.

How To Make Gap Certificate Online:

  • Go to websites that make gap certificates online.
  • Examine the provided form.
  • Complete the form.
  •  submit all required documentation.
  • Make your payment on time.

Gap Certificate Samples

GAP Certificate for NEET

Droppers who took a year or more off after finishing their education and are applying for NEET admissions may be required to provide a Gap certificate. It is required during NEET counselling, and the college or institution determines whether or not a GAP Certificate application is required. A sample format for NEET counselling is as follows:

Gap Certificate For Neet

Gap Certificate After 12th

A student who has taken one or more gap years after high school and is applying for admission to a university or college following the gap time will need a GAP affidavit or certificate. In this scenario, you must state that you did not attend any institution throughout the gap period and explain why you took the break.

You can get a stamp certificate from an advocate, a notary, sub-registrar offices, and courts, among other places, for roughly 100-500 INR for a stamp paper that describes your gap year. After the 12th, take a look at the following study gap affidavit format.

Documents Needed For The GAP Certificate after 12th are:

  • Government ID proof
  • Class 10th pass certificate
12th Grade


What better way to end this write-up, if not to state the uses of a gap certificate. Below are the uses of gap certificate:

  • It enables students to take schooling more easily.
  • It gives explanations of the year loss in an academic cyc
  • Students can seek after their enthusiasm and return later to complete their studies if they have this certificate.
  • It adds to the corporate and academic picture
  • It assists with overcoming any barrier in the academic journey.
  • It makes students enjoy some time off from school pressure without stressing too much
  • Re-joining schooling after a break is simpler after that.
  • It helps in explaining the gap in schooling during interviews for jobs.

We hope you now understand the fundamentals of writing an application for a Gap Certificate . Not interested in this particular article? See other certificate and documents articles here.

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