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What To Know About Consolidated Marksheet

Consolidated marksheet


Consolidated marksheets also known as consolidated certificate are one of the important documents that the university gives after the fulfillment of your course and are additionally fundamental while applying for advanced education anywhere.

Generally, while applying to an institution overseas, the enormous documentation labour disappoints you. If you don’t understand the particular titles of the credentials you have or will need to receive from the institution in order to expedite the process of studying overseas, it becomes quite tough.

The certificate also demonstrates that an individual has graduated from a a specific educational establishment.

This article will explain more about what a consolidated mark sheet is, the uses, features, format, and examples.

Consolidated Certificate and Consolidated marksheet are synonyms for one another. It is given to the individual after graduation or completion of the course. It covers all of the information about the grades earned during the degree program. It also contains the basic information of the student like name, date of birth, sex, etc.

What is a  Consolidated MarkSheet?

Consolidated Marksheet simply means a document that contains a list of information about a student after finishing a degreeIt’s a report that sums up your marks from all of your semesters and prints them solely on a single sheet. It is provided by the university after the course has been completed.

The consolidated MarkSheet would comprise the grades you achieved throughout semesters 1 to 8, as well as the overall calculated CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) as you near the end of the course.

This document contains the performance of an individual semester or year-wise in a specific document.

  • A report that is given after graduation to an individual.
  • It is a proof or report which is given to a person after completion of any degree.
  • It is a  report that contains insights concerning a list of subjects a student has attended in a specific course.
  • The report contains semester-wise marks.
  • It is an official document that contains detailed information about a student completing any course.

Difference between A Transcript and A Consolidated MarkSheet

  • The transcript contains detailed records of all the subjects while Consolidated MarkSheet contains detailed records of a student’s overall performance.
  • The transcript is a document of a student’s permanent Academic record while Consolidated MarkSheet is mainly proof that the student was part of the Institution.
  • Transcripts are accepted by almost all the universities, colleges, and VISA offices while Usually, VISA offices do not accept a Consolidated Marksheet.
  •  A Transcript is always expressed in terms of grades or points while in the case of a Marksheet, students are required to submit a request for their grade report.
  • Transcripts are necessary for master’s or higher education while Consolidated MarkSheet can be submitted when applying for an undergraduate course.

Uses of Consolidated MarkSheet

A consolidated marksheet is a very important document. So, students must ensure that they receive the marksheet from their respective Universities.

Consolidated MarkSheet;

  • Can be kept as a reference in replacement of the original degree.
  • Can be used for employment purposes, to apply for jobs.
  • Can be kept as proof to get admission to a different college or university for further studies.

Features of a Consolidated MarkSheet

The Consolidated marksheet comprises a collection of marks achieved by a student each semester, after the completion of the program. Now, let us see the features of a consolidated marksheet.

  •  Name of the university/college
  • The code of conduct for the university/college
  • Program name
  • The course’s official name
  • The student’s name and reference number are listed
  •  Detailed information from Parents
  • College code
  • Name and code of the course learned, as well as the medium of instruction
  • Grades earned in each subject in each semester are listed (theory and practical)
  • The cumulative grade point average (CGPA)
  • Division (First, second, third)
  • Date of issuance
  • Signatures of the examinations coordinator and the department assigned.

When is a Consolidated MarkSheet issued?

A Consolidated MarkSheet is issued when a student has completed his/her studies in a particular institution. The Marksheet can be requested by applying to the University website or visiting the institution and submitting your student information.

Students who want to get the marksheet document from the university have to provide a copy of their admit card and college ID proof. The university officials can issue the marksheet only when the student provides their roll number and name. 

Types of Consolidated MarkSheet

Before attempting to submit any document, a student should study their institution  admission criteria to prevent errors that could result in rejection. The two types of marksheets listed below are commonly generated by academic institutions which is to be used by students to enroll for higher education.:

  1. University Consolidated MarkSheet: It’s printed on university letterhead and comes with both the sign and stamp of the Director or Rector of Examinations.
  2. College Consolidated MarkSheet:This is printed on college letterhead and includes the signatures of both the institution’s Chancellor or Rector, as well as the college stamp.

Formats of a Consolidated MarkSheet

The Consolidated Mark Sheet format includes the name of the institution and the Program name and Course details of the student.

The student’s names and registration number are mentioned first, followed by details regarding the student’s achievement semester by semester.

The institution’s stamp is followed by the signatures of the Controller of Examination, and the date of the examination and the date of the result declaration is included.

How to Apply to get your Consolidated MarkSheet

When in need of a Consolidated Marksheet, you need to visit your university’s official website and apply there. You could also make an application for a consolidated marksheet at your institution campus and have it granted. Here is how you can write the application to get a consolidated marksheet:


The Registrar,

____________ (Institution’s Name),

____________ (Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Request for consolidated mark-sheet

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am _______ (Applicant name) and I am a pass-out student from your University/college, I am writing this letter to request your issuance of my consolidated mark sheet.

This is to inform you that I have completed my ____________ (Course) from your esteemed university/college ___________ (University /college name). I am _______ (Year) year pass out and I am writing this letter to request for the issuance of consolidated marksheet for my course. My admission number was ________ (Admission Number). I require the consolidated marksheet because ____________ (Maintain Personal Record/ Job/ Higher Education).

I believe the requested document will be issued at the earliest. Your assistance will be much appreciated.

Thanking You,

Yours Truly/Obediently,

____________ (Name),

____________ (Contact Number)


To recap, documentation are critical for any application procedure when studying abroad, particularly for professional courses. As a result, gathering and safely storing all papers is critical. To avoid any issues or omissions, it’s critical to review the institution’s requirements and provide all required documents before applying to an institution.

Note: Not all VISA offices accept the submission of the mark sheets. They usually require transcripts issued by the university.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is consolidated marksheet acceptable everywhere?

No, they are not accepted by all universities. Certain VISA facilities disregard it as academic credentials as well.

What is the Purpose of a Consolidated Marksheet?

The objective of the MarkSheet is to keep track of the courses that were studied throughout the program or academic session. It also acts as verification of a student’s enrolment at that institution.

What is the Consolidated Certificate?

It is identical to the marksheet however both reflect  student’s academic progress during the program.

We hope you now understand the fundamentals of the consolidated marksheet. Not interested in this particular article? See other certificate and documents articles here.

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