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Community Certificate Date

Community certificate date

The date on your caste certificate when this certificate was awarded to you is called community certificate date, The caste certificate is also known as the Community certificate which is a proof of community which is assigned to students in India for special purposes. This important document is similar to a bonafide certificate, and it is usually assigned to people who do not fall into the general category.

Usually, people with a community certificate enjoy special privileges when it comes to seeking admission and employment. Majority of people in these categories are under privileged, and with a community certificate they can get access to opportunities that can  improve their social and financial life.

There are three major categories reserved in India, when it comes to community certificates. They are the scheduled tribes, scheduled castes, and other backward castes.

In this article, we will discuss everything relating to a community certificate, including its benefits and application process.

What is Community Certificate 

Just as stated above, a community certificate is an official document issued by the government, as a proof that one belongs to a particular community or castes.

This document is very crucial and important to people of a certain community or caste, with lack of opportunities. 

The state government where an individual belongs, is responsible for assigning a community certificate. Students who are in need of a community certificate have to apply to their state portals.

Students with a community certificate can present it to school or company, when applying for admission or job respectively.

Community Certificate For OBC

 OBC, which is known as other backward castes, is a category of castes that is considered backward in respect to their social and financial status.

 People with OBC community certificate enjoy special privileges when it comes to education and job opportunities. However, they have limited privileges compared to people with scheduled castes and scheduled tribes certificate.

 With OBC community certificate, one get 27% reservation in government jobs and schools. They have a lower cut off mark than the general public, however, theirs are higher than those with SC and ST community certificate.

 Basically, there are two types of OBC community certificates.

●     Creamy Layer OBC : People who earn a family income above INR 8 Lakh (as per 2017 law) belong to this categoory. They are exempted from receiving any government sponsored education and job offer. This community certificate is as good as the general certificate.

●     Non  Creamy Layer OBC: People in this categoory earn below INR 8 Lakh (as per 2017 law). They require government support and sponsorship due to their financial and social status, hence eligible to use this certificate to seek for admission and jobs.

Community Certificate For SC And ST

The Scheduled Castes are communities with people of very low social and financial status. These communities consist of people who are living from hand to mouth, and find it difficult surviving. They take menial jobs and scavenge as a means to sustain themselves and their families. However, these efforts are usually not enough to survive in today’s world. Hence, the reason they are granted special reservations in government jobs and schools.

The Scheduled Tribes are communities who are miles away from the outside world in terms of civilization, infrastructure, basic amenities, and social status. They are what people call, ‘Adivasis’, in India. These set of people are alleged to have suffered during colonial rule, criminalized and victimized, and had their landed propety taken from them. The government grants them this community certificate to ease them of their burdens and to improve their social and financial wellbeing.

Community Certificate Date

The community certificate date is the date referenced on your caste certificate when this certificate was given to you. One doesn’t need to stress over the legitimacy of their community certificate as it is substantial for a lifetime.

This community certificate date is often needed by UPSC students. Students applying for Civil Service Examination and belonging to the Scheduled Tribe, Scheduled Caste or the Other Backward Classes need to specify the Community Certificate Date.

Benefits of community Certificate.

 There are numberous benefits that comes from owning a community certificate. Like discussed earlier, people with such privileges, have certain reservations when it comes to education and job opportunities.

Some of the major benefits that comes with possessing a community certificate includes:

●     Reservation of seats in major government jobs like RBI jobs

●     Lower cut off mark in big Indian universities like IIT, IIMs, and Delhi University.

●     Lower cut off mark in competitive exams like NEET, JEE Mains, and others

●     Reservation of seats in the legislature

●     Reservation in government parastatals

●     Waivering of school fees in schools and colleges

●     Government sponsored scholarships

●     Reservation for government subsidies

●     Reservation for certain government schemes. ETC.

 What is Community Certificate Date

A community certificate date is the date mentioned on your caste certificate (community certificate), i.e the date when the certificate was issued.

A lot of students applying for USPC, are known to always ask what a community certificate date is.

Also students in the scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and other backward classes, applying for civil service examination have to provide the community certificate date in their application.

How to Obtain Community Certificate 

Application for community certificate can be done both online and offline, depending on which process is easier for the applicant.

 For those applying physical, they have to visit one of the Seva centre in their state, carrying along the required documents, which will be mentioned shortly. While those applying online can visit the official portal online.

 How To Apply for Community Certificate Online 

Applying for community certificate online is not a difficult task to do. With a good access to the internet and a computer, the application can be completed easily. 

Students for a community certificate online will start by visiting the official online portal of their state government.

When applying online, the following information are usually demanded from applicants:

●     The name of the applicant

●     The father’s name or the husband’s name of the applicant ( depending on the martial status on the day of application)

●     The sex of the applicant

●     Details of the community certificate acquired by the applicant’s parents

●     School leaving certificate attachment

●     Transfer certificate attachment

●     Ration card no

●     Passport size photo

●     Date of application

●     Signature of applicants.

Applying for Community Certificate Offline

Candidates applying offline have to visit a designated centre in their state to proceed with their application. At the centre, they will be provided with an application form, which they have to fill in their details appropriately.

The application form for scheduled tribes, scheduled castes, and other backward classes certificate are different. Therefore, you should ensure that you pick the appropriate form before filling.

In the application form, you will be asked to provide the following details:

●     Personal information such as name, date of birth, marital status, gender, religion, etc.

●     Caste or tribe details

●     Reason for getting the community certificate

●     Contact information

●     Some information about applicant’s parents and spouse.

Who Issues Community Certificate

The community certificate is usually issued by the state where the applicant originate from. The revenue department in the state is specifically responsible for issuing the certificate, after the applicant must have met the required criteria. 

Documents Required For Community Certificate

There are certain documents required from applicants, while obtaining a community certificate. The documents required depends if the applicant is applying for either OBC, SC or ST community certificate.

Documents Required For ST / SC Certificate

●     Birth certificate or bonafide certificate

●     Marriage certificate if applicant is married

●     Aadhaar number or any other proof of identity such as driving license, voter’s card, passport, etc.

●     Current residential proof such as electricity bill, water bill, or telephone bill.

●     A copy of SC / ST certificate from father, sister, or brother

Documents Required For OBC Certificate

●     2 attestation letters from either MP, MLA, councillor, gazetted officers, declaring the community of the applicant

●     Family income proof such as salary statement and others

●     A copy of the OBC certificate of father, brother or sister

●     Certificate of residence

●     Applicable fee

How Long Does It Take To Get Community Certificate

The community certificate takes about a total of 15 days to be available, after completing the application process. Although few states send the community certificate online to applicants, most applicants receive theirs physically in their permanent residential address, which would reflect the date it was issued which we can call te community certificate date.

How To Check Community Certificate Status

While waiting for your community certificate to be delivered to you, you can monitor its status. This can be done by visiting the official site of the state government portal.

When you visit the site, you will have to provide information such as application registration number, also known as application ID, and the captcha. 

Some state government sites require that you fill in other details, so take note of what is required, and fill appropriately.

Is There Any Validity For Community Certificate?

Community certificate when issued with the community certificate date is valid for a lifetime. This gives applicants the opportunity to take advantage of all the privileges that comes with possessing such certificate in their lifetime.

Is Community Certificate Mandatory For School Admission

It is very important to attach your community certificate when applying for school admission, so as to not miss out on the opportunities and privileges that comes with it.

In the first place, one of the purpose the community certificate was provided, was to make it easier for applicant to get easy access to education.

 Providing your community certificate during your admission process, certify that you are from a caste that is eligible to get certain government sponsored admission and education. 

Rather than seeing it as a task, see it as a rare privilege, and make sure to maximize it if you fall under such category.

How To Get Community Certificate When Lost

Since humans are not perfect, and we tend to make one mistake or the other, or falls victim of unforseen circumstances, misplacing a community certificate is very possible.

However, a solution have been provided for people who have misplaced their community certificate and wants to get a new one.

To get back a new community certificate, the individual have to visit the centre that issued the original certificate. He or she then apply by way of affidavit or an RTI.

The individual will be also asked to fill a certain form, where he or she will fill the required information. He also expected to provide all the necessary documents for verification. After verification, the new community certificate can then be issued to the individual.

Community Certificate Vs Caste Certificate

Some people gets confused when using community certificate and caste certificate. A lot of people have asked the differences between community certificate and caste certificate. 

Actually, both certificates are the same certificate with different names. They are what we call synonyms, and can be used interchangeably.


So far, so good, we have been able to address all that needs to be known about community certificate. We hope that after you have gone through this article, you will be well informed on everything about community certificate date , benefits, and application process. 

Also, as much as it is important for eligible candidate to get the community certificate, it should not end there. They should ensure that they make use of the certificate to their advantage. Get that admission to that competitive school in India. Go for that top government job. Get yourself involved in legislative duty. Be whoever you wants to be. You have been given this opportunity, don’t misuse it.

We hope you now understand the fundamentals of the community certificate date . Not interested in this particular article? See other certificate and documents articles here.

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