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Application For Character Certificate

Application For Character Certificate

Knowing how to write Application For Character Certificate might be a crucial piece of documentation needed for different situations like to work or study abroad, apply to universities or scholarships.  the character certificate basically attests to a person’s good character and states that no criminal procedures or unfavourable records have been filed against the applicant. in this post  We’ll discuss they types, format and examples of application for character certificate, including how to obtain one.

Types Of Character Certificate

The character certificate document may be required in a variety of circumstances. As a result, we have various types of variations in the character certificate certifications, Kindly find below various types available:

  • character certificate for students
  • character certificate for jobs
  • police character certificate
  • character certificate for General use

Application For Character Certificate For College


The Principle,

School Name

School Address

Subject: Application for Character Certificate

Dear Sir,Ma

I would like to apply for a character certificate for admission for an undergraduate program at ______(name of School).

I was provided with admission in (Course, faculty and school name), for which character certificate is required. It must be included in my docs, while It would be of great significant because the admissions office will use it to assess my college character.

I would apprecaite if my request is looked into as soon as possible

Yours Faithfully



Application For Character Certificate For Class 9th

The principal
School Name
School Address


Subject- Application for character certificate

Dear Sir/ma’am,

my name is Ankit Kapoor and I am currently student of class 9. My family would be relocating, thus I would need to continue my education there. However, in order to be admitted, a character certificate is needed for my processing.

I would want to express my gratitude to the teachers for instilling moral values in me during my time in school up until class nine.
I would appreciate it if my request were to be considered as quickly as possible.

Yours faithfully,
Aankit Kapoor

Application for character certificate from police

The officer In Charge
(Name of the police station)
(Address of police station)

Date- dd/mm/yyyy

Subject- Character Certificate Application

Dear Sir/ma,

My name is __________(your name) , __/__/_____ (date of birth) and a permanent resident of _________ (district/ city), i have being a good and responsible citzen of this country and i have being in this locality for about 7years. 

I currently in need of  a character certificate from the police as part of my document needed for applying for my visa. I kindly ask that you do the necessary checks on me , I’ve also included the signatures of my neighbours to vouch for my impeccable reputation.

I would appreciate if my request is granted. If There is need to reach out to me this is my mobile number (__________).

Yours faithfully,


Here is all the information you require regarding application for character certifications. We sincerely hope you can use this. We have also provided many application formats for certificates you could need for your career.


What is the validity of a character certificate? 

Typically, a certificate is valid for six months after the date of issuance. But it all depends on the organisation conditions for needing it.

What is a character certificate application?

The character certificate application is a formal statement that must be made in writing to the official overseeing the organization or environment from which you want the certificate to be issued. It is a formal document that details your behaviour and character while working for the company or organisation.

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