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Benefits of Studying in the US for International Students

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Why study in the US?

If you’re an international student looking to enroll in your first semester of college, you’re probably wondering what would be the benefits of studying in the US is the right choice. After all, there are plenty of other countries with top-notch universities that also speak English! 

Here are just some of the benefits of studying in the US for international students

Best universities

Many institutions of higher learning are well-known throughout the world and will provide a good education no matter what you’re major. 

However, not all schools offer an international student experience that includes access to overseas travel or a large international community. In other words, not all colleges and universities are created equal and some are better equipped to help you grow as an individual while earning your degree. 

If you’re interested in studying abroad during college, here are a few top-ranked universities from our rankings to get you started: 

  • Princeton University, 
  • Stanford University, 
  • Yale University, 
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 
  • Duke University,
  • Harvard University. 

All six have been ranked among Forbes Best Global Universities lists; four were also listed among the U.S.

Friendly people

This is a huge benefit of studying abroad in America. 

Sure, Americans are known to be friendly and welcoming but you might be surprised by how helpful everyone you meet can be. Even if you don’t speak English well or understand American customs, strangers are often eager to help when they see that you need it. 

For example, an American friend helped me navigate my campus one day when I needed directions to class (she also saved me from walking into a busy street). This kind of support is invaluable, especially as an international student who is new to your country and culture. 

When you’re studying abroad in America, you’ll have plenty of friendly people on hand to help with everything from finding classes to understanding classroom materials. These are benefits that are unique to studying abroad in America and can make a huge difference during your time here.

Best education system

One of the most important benefits of studying in the United States is having access to a world-class education system. Though schools here might be more expensive than in other countries, you’ll get your money’s worth. 

Just take a look at some top American colleges, like Princeton University and Harvard University, which frequently make headlines as two of America’s best institutions offering undergraduate and graduate degrees and boast alumni networks that will most certainly benefit you throughout your career.

In addition to quality, top-tier schools will also give you access to other benefits such as student exchange programs, study abroad opportunities, and cultural resources. These perks allow you to get out into your community and engage with people from different walks of life, giving you a global perspective that’s so important today.

What makes America’s educational system great is the availability of many courses in addition to those required for your major and the quality of the system without the need for students to take out massive loans. Unlike many countries where students are unable to dream about attending college unless they have been successful in secondary school, Americans are encouraged to pursue higher education no matter their background or circumstances.

Exciting cities

If you’re moving to a new city, it can be hard to know what to expect. One thing is certain: You will have a lot of free time on your hands, and free time is an exciting luxury which is one of the benefits of studying in the US.

Consider renting an apartment near campus with other students. This way, you’ll have convenient access to events on campus and around town as well as a built-in group of friends with similar interests. 

Check out your city’s social scene it could be worth it just for that alone! 

And consider hitting up some local museums or cultural landmarks during off-hours; they may offer discounted student tickets if they’re trying to reach a younger audience. If all else fails, exploring new parts of town by foot or bike can be fun too! 

Just remember to bring your smartphone with you so you can take pictures and post them on social media when you get back home. It’s always great for people back home to see what you’re doing and where you are!

Don’t forget about how amazing it is that social media exists at all: You’ll have access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat all your friends will be right there with you even though they might live thousands of miles away!

While living abroad is exciting, it also comes with its share of challenges just as anything worth doing does.

High quality of life

The U.S. is a highly diverse, accepting country, where anyone with a good idea has an opportunity to get that idea off the ground and have fun doing it. 

From skiing in Aspen to exploring Big Sur on a motorcycle, Americans live life to its fullest every day and are passionate about sharing that joy with others so your experience studying in the united states will be unlike anything you’ve seen before.  

You can choose from some of America’s best universities or apply for an intern or volunteer position at companies like Google, Apple, and Coca-Cola. Your new American friends and coworkers will help you feel at home during your time away from home and may even introduce you to new hobbies you can take back home with you!

Job opportunities and networking opportunities

Studying in the US allows you to gain valuable job and networking opportunities while you are still studying. This not only gives you the chance to work in a challenging environment and build up a resume, but also to get hands-on experience. 

Some companies even offer paid internships where they can help students find paid jobs while they are studying at the same time. 

The best part is that these opportunities are available all over the US; there are thousands of schools throughout the country! So regardless of what state or city you choose to study in, you’ll be able to make new connections in your industry and find out about exciting job opportunities.

Low cost of living

One of the biggest benefits of studying in the US is the low cost of living. 

In most cities and states, the cost of a 2-bedroom apartment is less than $900 a month. Also, public colleges (which make up 75% of all US schools) are free or incredibly affordable at just $6,000 per year on average. 

And though you might pay more as a foreign student at a private school (especially if you live in an expensive city like New York or San Francisco), even those costs can be comparable to what you’d pay in some countries not to mention that there are scholarships available too. 

For example, many international students have found that it’s cheaper to study in Los Angeles than back home. This is due to lower living expenses and also because they qualify for Federal financial aid, which doesn’t require citizenship or permanent residency status.

Financial assistance available to international students

Many students assume that studying in the US is beyond their reach because it’s so expensive, but the fact is that a lot of financial assistance is available to international students. 

There are thousands of scholarships and grants given out every year to help international students offset tuition costs and living expenses. The best place to find information about them and apply if you qualify is on your school’s website. 

Some schools host informational sessions with representatives from various financial aid offices or even offer workshops on how to apply for scholarships, so keep an eye out for those opportunities as well.

In addition to that, there are many organizations outside your school that provide funding specifically for international students. The Fulbright Program is one example: It offers grants and awards that cover everything from tuition and living expenses to books and travel costs.

Study abroad programs for international students in the US

There are many programs available for international students who want to study in the United States. These programs provide students with both academic and cultural opportunities, as well as job and language training after completion. Some programs even help students find housing in the area where they plan to go to school. 

In addition, many international students receive support through visa assistance, English-language courses, and mentoring so that they can feel comfortable during their stay in the United States. 

All of these benefits make studying abroad in the U.S. a worthwhile endeavor for anyone looking to pursue higher education internationally.


So there you have it, some of the benefits of studying in the USA for international students. We’ve talked about how it’s a great opportunity to experience life in another country and culture, how it opens doors to work opportunities that might not otherwise be available, and even how it makes your resume more competitive.

If you’re considering studying in the US, or know someone who is, tell them about these benefits of studying in the US for international students.

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