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Full Form of SDO

SDO Full Form

As in our earlier articles, we will be highlighting the structures of SDO full form. To start with, SDO full form is Sub Divisional Officer. This is an office that comes strictly on the basis of appointments. Quite a handful of fields can fit into this role. Some of the fields that can fit into the SDO role are Civil engineers, Public Works experts,Electrical Engineers and a host of others but usually, the most qualified for the SDO post amongst the listed fields is a Civil Engineer. This is because they have an extended scope needed for a SDO. The Sub divisional officer is seen as the Head of all the sub-divisions in a government.

General Scope of the SDO

A Bachelor Or Equivalent Qualification With An Industrial Workplace Is The Lowest Eligibility Requirements For This SDO Exam. It might be architectural, electrical, or industrial in nature. In general, because getting a federal job is an aspiration for most individuals. Civil Engineering Jobs, in particular, are often in demand and have a bright future. The age requirement is between 21 and 30 years old, with few exceptions for SC/ST candidates. Generally, the SDO Officers are chosen by the Recruitment Board. As a result, candidates who have completed their diploma in architecture can apply for the position of Sub-Division Officer. The Recruitment Board, on the other hand, chooses people based on interviews and other criteria.

How To Be a SDO

SDO refers to a Sub Divisional Officer, as we already know. If you want to work as an SDO, you must take the Public Public Works Assessment, which is administered by your state government. Candidates who have completed a bachelor’s degree are eligible to take the entry exam.
For this entry exam, the age range is 21 to 30 years old.

Based on expertise and competence, members in a division might be promoted to the rank of SDO. Aside from that, the State government recruits SDOs via PSC (Public Service Commission) tests. A bachelor’s degree in the related discipline is the basic standard for taking this test. Aside from that, an SDO’s role is determined by the division to which he or she represents.

Roles of a SDO

As a SDO specialist, below are some of the roles or task he/she is expected to carry out:

●   The tasks of a sub-SDO team's (technical) are essentially identical to those of a state's Deputy Commissioner. He works as the Deputy Superintendent's chief agent.
●   He is the director of the sub-development division's initiatives and is responsible for overseeing the efforts of numerous departments.
●   He is capable of making judgments on his own since, in just about all situations, he is exclusively accountable for anything that occurs in his subdivision.
●   His authority is limited by the land income and lease legislation 
●   He also functions as Deputy Collector. In response to his deputy tax officers' requests, he also serves as an adjudicating body.
●   He reports to the Local Authority and is responsible for ensuring security, justice, and safety in his region.

Requirement for Becoming a SDO

To be become a Sub Divisional Officer, below are some of the minimum entry requirements:

●   A Bachelor (or comparable credentials) in the appropriate discipline of Engineering, i.e. architectural, industrial, and mechanical, is the minimum requirement for this test. 
●   Civil Engineering public sector jobs are in high demand, and the thought of working in the public sector is a desire held by the majority of individuals.
●   The age restriction is between 21 and 30 years old (with exceptions made for SC/ST applicants).
●   State agencies, such as the Recruitment Board, are in charge of the recruiting process (SSC) hence, you can check up on the entry requirement for detailed information as regards that.


We hope this article has clarified the notion of SDO full form for you. Stay tuned for more articles on full forms like this!


What is SDO Full Form?

  • SDO full form is Sub Divisional Officer.

What are the Responsibilities of the SDO?

  • As the SDO, some of your duties include implementation and enforcement of social laws.

What is the SDO Salary?

  • According to statistics from, annual salary of SDOs is pegged at $98,650 with their average pay pegged at $77,294 annually.

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